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5 Tips for Choosing your Roof Colors

To have a perfectly beautiful house, every details must be taken care of including the color of the roof tiles which is like apparel of the house. The roof tiles can be seen from afar and so affect the beauty of the house not any less than other parts do. We at SHERA would like to give you some tips for choosing suitable colors for your roof tiles.

1. Choose the color that suits the house itself: the color of both the house and its roof tiles should match. Avoid using shades that contrast with each other too much, otherwise it could make your house look confusing. For those who really want to use contrastive colors, one color should be dark while the other should be light such as bright purple roof tiles with a cream house.

Takrai Hom shop in Bangkok using Trilon Platinum Series Roof Tiles

Phu Plai Fah project using Ha Huang Granada Roof Tiles

2. Use light colors: dark colors can absorb heat, while the light ones can reflect it. In a tropical country like Thailand, it is better to paint the roof tiles with light colors such as white, sky blue or orange which can help keep the house cool better than the darker tones such as dark blue or dark brown. You may use the type of roof tiles specifically covered with insulation that can effectively reflect the heat such as Ha Huang Roof Tiles Cool Series.

A Thai-style house using SHERA Mini V-slate

Ha Huang Cool Series Roof Tiles

3. Use neutral tones of color: brown, grey, or brick red may look simple and not catch attention, but they are classic and can stay beautiful for a long time, unlike other bright, flamboyant tones that tend to not be in the trend for so long. Plus, if you decide to sell the house, these colors are usually preferred by people in general.

Mr. Cheewin's house using Ha Huang Granada Roof Tiles

4. Gradation of color: if the simple color is too boring, you may install roof tiles in subtle gradations of color to add dimensions. There is also a type of roof tiles already painted in gradation such as Ha Huang Single Roof Tiles.

Nonthaburi House project using Ha Huang Single Roof Tiles

5. Make it blend with the environment: for houses situated in the middle of nature, it is better to have roof tiles blend with the environment so that it does not look odd or ruin the view around the area. Earthenware and SHERA Zedar Shake are one of the examples recommended.

The Cotswold Khao Yai using SHERA Zedar Shake, designed to look like natural wood

So, what is your favourite type of color for roof tiles? Let's exchange our ideas on Facebook at SHERA Solution. For those who seek advice about roof tiles, please contact SHERA Call Center at 02 289 9888.
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