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What You Should Know before Building a Fence

When building a new house, you should pay attention to the fence as it encloses your area to control access for more safety and privacy. The following points are what you have to consider when building a fence:

1. Purposes: first you should think of the type of fence that is suitable for your purpose. For example, if you want your fence to be only for enclosure or for beauty, you may use actual wood/wood substitute or a loose metal fence to make your house look airy and well-ventilated. For those who want more privacy, a high solid cement or concrete fence is perfect for keeping outsiders from seeing through.

A loose fence makes the house look airy and well-ventilated

A solid fence adds more privacy to the house

2. A law: the fence can be connected to other houses or public areas which can affect the public as a whole. That is why there are some laws regarding fences.

- fence must not be higher than 3 meters for a house that is situated on a street or in a public area.
- The distance between the fence and the house must not be less than 0.5 meter for a house of which the space covers less than 300 meters. For a bigger house, the distance must be at least 1 meter in order not to disturb neighbours in case of reparation or maintenance.

If you do not want your fence to be destroyed later due to the violation of such laws, make sure to understand them thoroughly beforehand.

3. Materials: different types of materials possess different properties. You may use one that fits your house best, or mix them all together for the design of the fence you like.

- Wood/wood substitute: wood or wood substitute is naturally beautiful and can give the house several characteristics and tones depending on the colour, size and design. In areas of hot and humid weather with strong sunlightor areas where it often rains like Thailand or Asian countries, a fence made of actual wood may shrink, stretch, bend or easily crack due to the weather conditions. To avoid these problems we recommend you use a wood substitute (fibrecement) that is more resistant to the weather conditions for longer usage and less expense for maintenance.

A fence made of actual wood

SHERA fence (bendable)

- Cement: cement is very popular because of its cheap price and denseness, giving the feeling of solidity and stability. The process of making a cement fence takes a long time, but these days there are ready-made concrete fences from factories and they come with many different patterns and can be installed quickly. However, the latter kind is highly priced compared to the original one.

A cement fence.

A ready-made concrete fence.

- Metal: materials made of metal are strong and durable but loose in design, giving less privacy compared to the other types. That is why many people prefer to have a fence made of both metal and cement or wood/wood substitute. The types of metal frequently used for making fences are alloy (European style, luxury, but pricey), iron (simple, loose-looking) and stainless steel (shiny, resistant to rust).

An alloy fence.

A fence made of iron and cement.

- Trees: some people plant trees and use them as a fence instead for a rejuvenating and relaxing atmosphere. Popular trees are ones that can grow easily with thick bushes, and are durable against rain and sunlight such as bamboo trees, Fukien Tea trees, water jasmine and snakeroot. Yet, this type of fence needs more care than any other types as you have to trim them and take all the fallen leaves away.

A tree fence

4. Installation: some types of fence such as a tree fence or a wooden fence can be installed easily as it is not complicated. But if you want your fence to be more durable and more beautiful, we recommend you hire some specialists. You need to hire specialists if it is a cement or metal fence for sturdiness and durability with a standard size and pattern, and for your own safety.

And these are the 4 main points you should keep in mind when building a fence for your house. The function and decoration depend on your own design.
For those who are interested in building a fence with SHERA wood substitute (fibrecement), just click the following link:

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