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Beautify your Balcony with 6 Components

Do not let a small space limit your happiness. You can turn your small balcony to a relaxing corner with the following 6 components:
1. Plants: they are the key to gardening in a balcony. Choose the kind of plants that can do well in direct sun and are not too big when fully grown. You may grow them in pots or have some climbers instead for a vertical garden. For those who don't have much time to take care of plants, try succulent plants such as Cactus, Havortia or Widow's-thrill.
2. The floor: if the same old floor such as that made of concrete or tiles looks too rough or starts to deteriorate, you can cover it with a wood/wood substitute, rubber floor tiles, rock, or artificial grass; all of which can help beautify the balcony.
3. Furniture: Often times, just a piece or a set of furniture is enough for the balcony. Choosing the furniture is like choosing the style of your garden in the balcony which can affect your mood when spending time in it. Rattan furniture, curvy wooden furniture, or delicately -bent iron furniture reflects a homey atmosphere, while geometrically-shaped ones can give a simple, modern look.
4. Ornaments: they help fulfill and beautify the balcony. They should match the style of the furniture and should be made of durable material, resistant to rain and sunlight. To be more creative, you may use some lath to make a sunlight filter or a partition that can be used to hang some plants or ornaments on.
5. Colour: the colour of the plants, their pots, the ornaments and the furniture also have an impact on our feelings when spending time on the balcony. Those who are fond of a homey atmosphere, orange, yellow, brown, and reddish brown are recommended. Greenish blue or white can make the place look cooler.
6. Lights: For those who like spending time outside of the house at night, don't forget to lighten up the place with chick lamps or bulbs. White light can relax your eyesight, while the cream can give you a homey atmosphere. Plus, if the lights are uniquely positioned, it can help add more dimension and identity to your balcony.
As you can see, creating a garden for your balcony is very easy. I hope you enjoy your new garden on the balcony and feel free to share some of your photos at
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