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What You Need to Consider when Buying Wood Substitute

These days more and more people prefer a wood substitute as the main material for their house because it is cheaper and can resist termites quite well. So, our SHERA team would like to give you some tips in choosing the right type of wood substitute for your house.

1. Purposes: before buying the material, you should know what you would use it for, which part of the house it would be for, whether it is for the interior or the exterior andwhether it is for temporary or permanent usage. Different purposes require different types of wood substitute in terms of the thickness, durability, grade and design.

SHERA Plank and SHERA Eaves

SHERA Floor Plank


2. Material types: wood substitutes these days are made of many types of materials and each type has its own properties such as

- Fibre Cement: Made of cellulose, cement, and sand;fibre cement is durable, resists water, humidity, fire, termites and can be used both for exterior and interior purposes and for building furniture. Examples are SHERA Plank and SHERA Plywood.

- MDF Plywood: This type of wood is made of completely ground wood mixed with glue. With the smooth texture, it is often covered with other materials for more beauty and durability. It is popular for interior design such as building furniture as it is light.

- uPVC: uPVCor vinyl is made of synthetic polymers which is resistant to water and sunlight, can be cleaned easily and can be used for both interior and exterior purposes. However,the texture can be scratched easily, so it should be carefully handled.

- Wood-patterned aluminum: Made of aluminum, this wood substitute is covered and decorated to resemble the actual wood. It is durable and free of rust, so it is often used to build fences or door/window frames.

3. Appearance: wood substitutes are nowadays designed and developed to have several patterns so as to better meet the customer's requirements. That is why you can choose the shape, texture and colour that fits your houses best. Plus, some manufacturers can also specifically upgrade their products with new technologies such as SHERA Floor Plank Colour Through of which the material is mixed with colour both on the inside and the surface, so whether it is cut, punctured or scraped, the colour can still be seen.

Several colours and patterns of SHERA Plank

SHERA Floor Plank Colour Through

4. Quality: other than the usage, the material type and the design, the quality is also important. Good-quality materials made by standardized manufacturers lead to beautiful and safe buildings, and also makes the construction cost-effective in the long run as you do not have to spend money for the maintenance so often later on.

Standardized SHERA wood substitute (fibrecement)

With the 4 above-mentioned tips, you can now choose your wood substitute wisely and get the ones with good quality, most suitable for your purpose. If any of you want more advice, we at SHERA always welcome you at SHERA Call Center, Tel: 02 289 9888. Or if you prefer a live chat with experts, SHERA Application is available for you

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