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5 Ways to Keep Your House Away from "Termites"

"Termites" are the major cause of many houses' untimely decay, especially ones made of wood, as termites can feed on or live in it. So, the problem should be prevented from happening with the following steps:

1. Preparation prior to the construction: apply anti-termite chemicals to kill the subterranean termites and install chemical pipes under the ground for easier chemical refilling before building the house. Plus, if the house is made of wood, the chemical should be applied all over the wooden part to strengthen the structure of the house.

2. Choosing anti-termite material: houses made of wood or partly consist of wood/paper are the premium food for termites. That is why most prefer material that termites do not feed on but is not so different from real wood such as fibre cement. Fibrecement resembles actual wood and can be used for any parts of the house from walls, floors, eaves and door/window frames to astragals, doors and windows. It can also be used to substitute gypsum board for ceilings because the gypsum, composed of paper, can be fed on by termites.

Wood substitute (fibrecement) from SHERA can be used for every part of the house.

SHERA wood, as beautiful as the actual wood but not fed on by termites.

3. Depose of remaining paper and scraps of wood: piles of paper and scraps of wood are food for termites. Leave them like that for long and termites will feed on not only them but also the house. They may nest in the house or within the wall and under the ground, and cause damage.

Paper boxes kept in the house can be food for termites.

4. Always check the house: every couple of months, the house should be checked if there is any termite trace, especially in the corners, nooks, and dark and stuffy areas. If the wood surface is ragged or riddled, it can be assumed that termites have been feeding on it. If the surface is smooth but the inside is holed, and it is not solid when knocked, it means there are termites called "Cryptotermes" that feed on and nest inside the wood.

5. Beware of what looks like mayflies: insects that look like mayflies can actually be winged termites that are ready to breed. It is the beginning of the life cycle of termites. So, they should not be let into the house as they may nest inside it and give birth to termites that can cause damage.

All the 5 steps are not so difficult to follow, right? Spending a little time for the prevention in the beginning is better than spending more time and paying for the solution after the problems. Follow the steps and you will have a beautiful house that are not messed by termites.

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