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Properties of 4 Popular Types of Ceiling Material

The ceiling is another important factor of the house. It helps conceal the structure of the roof from the inside and the untidy electrical wires and pipe lines above, as well as beautifying the house. At present, there are various types of ceiling boards for your selection. That is why we should get to know the properties of each type of popular ceiling boards.


Wooden ceiling boards usually look classic and natural. They can be used for both interior and exterior purposes. However, they are not resistant to termites and weather conditions which may cause them to bend or swell. That is why when installing wooden ceiling boards, you should leave some gaps between them for when they swell or bend, especially the exterior ones that are often exposed to sunlight and rain.


Wooden ceiling


Gypsum ceiling boards come in many different patterns. They are light and easy to install without revealing the seams. They are suitable for interior purposes such as in the living room or bedroom. But since they are made from compressed gypsum powder covered with paper, they are not resistant to water or moisture, which makes them unsuitable for exterior purposes, or they will easily become soft.


Gypsum ceiling


Vinyl ceiling boards are light, resistant to water and moisture. They also do not swell or bend easily, and you do not need to paint before using it. Although they can be used for both interior and exterior purposes, vinyl ceiling boards are rather expensive, so they are not suitable for those with a limited budget.


Vinyl ceiling


Fibre-cement ceiling boards are durable against weather conditions and resistant to fire. Without bending and swelling, fibre-cement ceiling boards can be used for both interior and exterior purposes. Fibre-cement products come in a variety of patterns such as strip boards like SHERA Strip, ceiling boards like SHERA Ceiling Board, SHERA Vent Ceiling, and SHERA Deco Board, etc.

การตกแต่งห้องนอนด้วยแผ่นฝ้าเพดาน เฌอร่าบอร์ด

Bedroom decoration with SHERA Ceiling Board, beautiful and good looking. Add more space for the room to look open and relax

For ventilation grille outside the house, helping to ventilate heat from the house is another interesting option. Suitable for installing as an external ceiling with vents, which helps reduce heat into the house and makes the house more comfortable than using opaque ceiling

แผ่นฝ้าระบายอากาศ เฌอร่าบอร์ด รุ่นคลาสสิค

SHERA Vent Ceiling Board

Therefore, before you choose the ceiling suitable for your beautiful home, do not forget to consider the practical use and suitability.  Using a ceiling installed outside with SHERA board ventilation will help answer all of your usage problems very well.

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