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SHERA Zedar Shake : a durable roof tile with a natural aesthetics

SHERA zedar shake : a durable roof tile with a natural aesthetics

Why has SENTIDO Graceland Khao Lak, the 5-star resort at Khao Lab, chosen SHERA zedar shake - instead of former version of cedar roof tile? Inspired by an architecture of Morgan Tribe, the materials are required to offer close-to-nature vibes, while provide the best quality. Owing to its prime location: exactly on Khao Lab serene beach, the materials must be resistant with weather, wind, water and heat, for lifelong use. Especially, since 3 Beach Front Villas encounters sea breeze all the time, former cedar roof does not match the requirement as water leakage around the edges

Mr Chayapol Hirankanokkul , Assistant General Manager of SENTIDO Graceland Khao Lak Resort & Spa, explained the reason why SHERA zedar shake, Yellow Zante tiles have been used. That's because of consistency of their standardised quality and size, which real cedar roof tiles cannot provide. Also, their durability defends the resort from annoying problems like water leakage and brittleness, while the natural beauty still exists. Furthermore, SHERA service is so excellent: both before and after sale - with useful and careful advice.

SHERA zedar shake roof tiles get developed to be durable with any weather. There's no worry for shrinkage, rotting, or wrapping of materials. And thanks to colour through technology, the roof colour becomes so distinctive. Low maintenance, easy installation and reduced cost make this kind of cedar tiles different - actually much better - than any former version.


Interview of Mr Chayapol about 'SHERA zedar shake' and SENTIDO Graceland Khao Lak Resort & Spa.

If you are looking for a roof performs well both in function and fashion, SHERA zedar shake is the perfect solution that can fulfil your requirement.
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