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Tips for solid wood flooring

Wooden floor is one of top options for those who prefer living close to the nature. Thanks to its property of heat transfer, its temperature doesn't swiftly change like other materials - providing comfy ambience to the house.

Now, there is a wide range of choices for wooden floor preference: both natural and synthetic. However, there exist vital concerns for using wooden materials like its lifetime and environmental effects - such as contraction from moisture,water, or flooding. Therefore, careful selection of material and preparation plays so important role in appropriate wood flooring, for long lifetime use. SHERA board is thus recommended for subfloor material, providing neat and fine surface, as well as preventing negative effects from humidity.

For those who are interested in wood flooring, here are some good tips from Khun Wiranee Ongwasit, the director of Teak Bench (1991) Co. Ltd. who owns 30 years of experience with wood flooring.

Teak Bench (1991) Co. Ltd. is one of the first distributors who introduced solid wooden flooring to Thailand, since 1992. With quality materials and installation service, the company has claimed reputation in many big project, especially Mahanakorn Building, the renowned high-rise building of Bangkok.

Professional Installation

First of all, before operate any wood flooring, material condition check is required to ensure the customers get what they want. Some professional techniques are significant during installation process, of which Khun Wiranee suggested:

"Before any installation, neat and smooth surface is required. Engineered wood can be applied on both concrete and tiled floors, even the former one. Just be careful with a door distance; otherwise, the door needs to be resized."

"I often recommend SHERA board as a subfloor, in order to prevent humidity and smoothen the former floor. Besides, its durability and termite resistance make SHERA board different from plywood, which is too flexible to provide strong subfloor. In the meantime, SHERA board helps absorbing moisture, protecting surface wooden floor from easy damage."


Teak Bench (1991) Co. Ltd. has always chosen 8 mm SHERA board for subfloor: Mahanakorn Building, Saladaeng One, and Bright Wongwian Yai. Without any concerns for humidity or non-smooth floor, the company can guarantee quick installation and quality work to the customers, which are truly supported by positive feedback.

Khun Wiranee added about wood flooring, for the most effective results:

"To ensure neatness and long lifetime of solid wood flooring, subfloor material also plays a key role. SHERA board - with its smooth surface, durability, water and moisture resistance, as well as termite resistance - is one of good choices for wood lovers, in order to keep your floor splendid and lasting."

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