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VEYLA CHA-AM RESIDENCE: Inspiration Created by SHERA Zedar Shake

FROM EGO DESIGN TO ECO DESIGN began from Veyla Khaotao Residence to Veyla Cha-am Residence, a project inspired by the environment under the concept Green life in Green leaf. With the concept, fallen leaves on the ground in the construction site became the shape of the impressively unique house roofs of the project.


Rattawut Chanritrakul or Jo, Deputy Managing Director of A49 HD, and Deputy Managing Director of A49 in Chiang Mai initiated Veyla Cha-am Residence project by combining out-of-the-box concept with environmentally friendly local materials such as brick from Petchaburi, wood from the central part of Thailand and other material substitutes.
"This project is filled with slanted lines and curvy lines which are against perpendicular lines of the previous project because we wanted to make it look more comfortable for the inhabitants and friendlier to the environment. Our clients get the image of the project that it is made from good and environmentally-friendly materials."
One of the environmentally- friendly materials Veyla Cha-am Residence uses is SHERA Zedar Shake or fibre-cement roof that substitutes actual cedar roofs. As beautiful as the actual cedar roof, SHERA Zedar Shake is more durable, easier to maintain and resistant to termites. More importantly, it is painted both inside and outside with Colour Through Technology.
"The feedback from our clients was great. They said the roofs looked like actual cedar. The job of material substitute is to look as similar to the actual material as possible and SHERA Zedar Shake does its job very well. We don't really have to take much care of it either, which is very beneficial to our project since we have several villas and when they are rarely used, wood substitute would not require high maintenance, unlike actual wood. Wood substitute also comes in a clear shape and even the roof in the organic form also works very well, allowing the architects to make their dream come true."
"Besides, SHERA professional team made us confident and helped us solve technician problems from the sub-roof to the purlin before laying SHERA Zedar Shake. Not only did SHERA product meet our requirements, but their professional team also gave us advantageous advice."
Other than the design, the material is not any less important. Quality, durable, spectacular and environmentally-friendly materials that can be installed easily with low maintenance required in the long term allow architects to use them in different designs. This is the impression from using SHERA Zedar Shake.
Text: Tadchan Kaetsingsoi
Photo: Peamphol Chanpeam
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