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Tree Houses

Designed by A

chiraya Jumi
Department of Landscape Architecture
Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University
For October through December, Me Style Home & Living has created a special column named DIY by SHERA to inspire people to buy local materials that are easy to use for decorating their houses. This column presents how SHERA Color Through (painted from the inside) can be used differently.
Starting from the material, many of you may already be familiar with SHERA, especially its planks that are often used to decorate walls and buildings. But if talking about floor planks, some may wonder if SHERA also has its floor planks, or many may think about the kind of material used for the floor around a swimming pool. In fact, SHERA Color Through can be used for other parts also such as the balcony, the floor of the poolside or exterior walkways.
In fact, SHERA Color Through can be used in many more ways than you may think. With nano-pigment technology, the material is painted wholly from inside to outside, so even though it is cut the Color is still visible all over. This is why SHERA Color Through looks very similar to actual wood and even scratches cannot blemish it. Other than screws, you can also use SHERA Bond to install it, which allows SHERA Color Through to be modified in many other ways. It is also low maintenance and durable.
The idea of building a tree house with SHERA Color Through can be materialised in a space of 15-30 square metre where there are large trees and natural wind. It can be a place where the family can be close to nature to listen to and feel the lives on the trees. The texture and Color of SHERA Color Through also blends in with the trunks of the trees, making it a perfect place for family activities.
Usage: The tree house is divided into 2 parts: the porch and the room. The porch is made into 3 levels and the one on top has a large space for group activities. Both adults and children can sit on the 2-leveled stairs because of the risers of different sizes. There are two floors in the room. The lower floor is connected to the porch, serving as a guest room, while the upper floor is a bedroom with privacy. You can climb the fixed ladder to the upper floor which can also be a place for reading books or observing nature around.
Construction: The innovative fibre-cement material or wood substitute can be used in place of natural wood well. It is also durable and easy to install. Other than floors, there are also fibre-cement products for roofs, ceilings, walls and other decorative purposes such as strip boards and fences. The structure of this tree house is galvanised iron so it is durable and free from rust. The main color is black which matches chestnut brown SHERA Color Through (Cassia).
Practicality: A tree house is a dream house for many people. It it worth trying to make it happen. You may adjust the size, shape, height of the stairs and width of the room so that it becomes a functional tree house that you have always wanted. You may also add a slider, a swing, or make the shape round, but keep in mind that safety comes first, especially if small children are in the house.
This tree house is just an idea to apply SHERA Color Through. It can also be modified for some other purposes as well. Keep following us and wait to see what DIY idea for SHERA Color Through we will bring to you next time.
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