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Swimming pool design for you and your family

Building a swimming pool in the house becomes more and more popular. Size can be varied: a dipping one for the elderly, Jacuzzi for stress relief, or a big pool for romantic dinner and amazing party.

Safety is a key concern when we talk about the swimming pool. Therefore, the pool structure and system, water treatment system, and used materials play look the important role. Especially for flooring the area, durability, and quality of materials are strongly required, as it exposes to water, humidity and heat all the time 

1. Swimming Pool Structure: Common types include concrete pool, which offers durability, and instant pool, which is cost saving.

2. Pool System - Skimmer and over-flow systems are usually adopted. The first method diverts water to the filter at the side of the pool, while the latter allows water to flow to the tank and then the filter.

3. Water Treatment - Normally, chlorine is used thanks to its low cost. Some apply salt as it's better for health, yet the high price is applied.

4. Used Materials - Cement or ceramic is commonly used for the area of swimming pool. However, cracked ceramics happens as a long-term problem and can cause danger to children. Natural woods is possibly an option, yet high price and high maintenance are required.


SHERA Color Through, with its property of fiber cement, is the perfect solution for flooring areas around the swimming pool - thanks to wood-like beauty and family safety. With the technology to color the material wholly from the inside out, it performs perfectly throughout its useful life, granting vibes of the ideal close-to-nature swimming pool. No more worries for slippery, damaged ceramic, or flinders.


Durability, beauty, natural aesthetic, and safety are properties SHERA Color Through provides. This is the solution for those who looks for perfect materials for in-house swimming pool.

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