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Select the Right Roof that Suits Your House Most.

The roof is one of the most important parts of the house because it is exposed to sunlight and rain. It also affects the beauty of the house as a whole since people can see it clearly from afar. That is why you should be meticulous when selecting the roof for your house. There are 4 things to consider when selecting a roof as follows.

1. Shape: Different shapes of roof can deal with weather conditions differently. In tropical areas like Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, a high-shaped and very sloped roof such as gable roof, hip roof, and Manila roof are suitable because they can reflect heat from sunlight and carry of rainwater better than slightly sloped roofs. Plus, the eaves should extend beyond the house itself long enough so that they can protect the house from rain and sunlight more effectively.

Gable roof

Ha Huang Shingle Roof Tiles
2. Colour: If you want your house to look soft and classic but not outdated, the recommended shades are brown, gray, brick-brown, or other shades that blend in with that of the house so that they do not contrast. But if you do want contrastive colours, one part should be of a dark colour while another is of pale one such as a platinum-purple roof with a cream house. The colour of the roof also affects the temperature in the house, and as you may know that the paler the colour, the less heat it absorbs.

Ha Huang Trilon Platinum Series

SHERA Mini V-slate
3. Types of Profile: There are 2 types of roof profile: wooden and steel. These days the steel one is preferred to the wooden one as wood is expensive, rare, and not resistant to weather conditions and termites.
The steel profile can be divided into 2 types: structural steel profile which is galvanized C-shaped steel welded together to form a profile, and readymade profile which is lighter, galvanized, and sized so it is easier and faster to install.
4. Material: Different types of roof tiles have different properties. You should select one that based on its function such as
- Metal sheet: It is light and easy to install with few joints, but it can heat up the house, cause noise easily, and has a short useful life among others.
- Earthenware: It looks unique and soft, popular for those who like a natural but vintage looking house, with a little Thai style. But this type of roof tile is very porous, full of holes, so it absorbs a lot of humidity and so can cause ingrained dirt on the surface.
- Concrete: Concrete roof tiles are extremely durable with classic beauty. They can also reflect heat well and do not cause too much noise. However, this type of roof is rather heavy so it should be installed on a strong profile that can bear heavy weight. Examples of concrete roof tiles are Ha Huang Magma, Ha Huang Granada, Ha Huang Shingle, etc.

Ha Huang Granada Roof Tiles

Ha Huang Shingle Roof Tiles
- Fibre-cement: The good things about this type of roof tile are that it is light, cheaper than concrete, durable and resistant to heat and moisture without making noise. So, it can be used with a large roof covering wide space regardless of the weight. But when compared to concrete roof tiles, fibre-cement roof tiles may be slightly less durable. Examples of this type of roof tiles are Ha Huang Trilon Roof Tiles, Ha Huang Double Roman Roof Tiles, SHERA U-slate Roof Tiles, SHERA Zedar Shake, etc.

Ha Huang Trilon Roof Tiles, Dual Tone Series

SHERA U-slate Roof Tiles
Nowadays fibre-cement roof tiles are designed to be in many different shapes and colours to meet the requirements of the customers. For example SHERA Zedar Shake can beautify both Thai-style and western style houses.
For those who want additional advice or information about roofs and houses, feel free to contact us at SHERA Call Center Tel. + 66 2 289 9888 or via our SHERA Solution Facebook page in the link below.

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