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Popular Materials for Exterior Walls

Not just for living in, a house also reflects the life style and taste of the inhabitants. That is why we have to be meticulous when it comes to choosing materials for the exterior walls, which is like the house's garment. Consider the strong and weak points of the following materials and make a decision which one suits your house best.

1. Paint: painting the house is the most popular way because it is cheap and easy. There are many shades of color available, and sometimes we can have the manufacturer mix the color up and create new shades as we want. For cement walls in general, acrylic color for exterior use is popular. Fibrecement walls such as SHERA Board should be painted with color specifically made for this type of wall for excellent-looking paint, longer adherence and weather-able.
2. Natural wood: with distinctive and natural beauty, natural wood gives homey-feeling and is widely used. But people nowadays are less likely to use natural wood for exterior walls, as it is expensive, not resistant to termites and can shrink or stretch easily. Different types of natural woods require different maintenance. Fresh natural wood should be dehydrated beforehand to minimize the shrinking and stretching problem due to the weather.
3. Wood substitute: also called SHERA wood, it is made of fibrecement with its distinctive durability, fire and termite resistance and being free of shrinkage or stretching problem and cheaper than natural wood. There are several patterns available. There are ones with bare texture for self-paint and ones that have already been colored from the factory. Wood substitute is popular both domestically and internationally, especially in areas with tough weather conditions such as areas at seaside, areas that are usually flooded, arid areas, and areas that need conservation.
Chocolate Ville project using SHERA Board.
4. Stone: sandstone and granite are popular. They are used to make walls, or, in a form of plates, to attach to the wall for decoration. It reflects strength and nature. For some who may want to keep it within the budget, or want to not bother with finding the materials and the transportation, they can use other similar materials such as stone-patterned tiles.
5. Bricks: brick walls reflect simplicity and stability. Wild but beautiful, most people prefer bricks because of its durability. But the construction process requires meticulousness for delicate and smooth joints, and silicon solution should be applied on the wall for longer durability.
6. Metal sheets: they are light and easy to install with many colors, but they can cause noise easily and conduct heat, increasing temperature in the house. So, they are not widely popular in tropical countries, or in areas where it often rains. They are used more widely in western countries.
Best materials are not always expensive. If they can meet our criteria both in terms of function and style, it should be enough, isn't it? If any of you are still deciding what types of materials you should use, you can consult with experts. Or if you are interested in finding out more about wood substitute (fibre cement), our SHERA team is more than willing to help you with that.
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