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The architects teamed up to transform a 60-year-old house, matching with the preferences and style of the owners, and win the livable house award in 2019.


This 60 year old house, in addition to being in disrepair, has functions that are not suitable for modern life. The house also got floods during the rainy season. The owner of the house, an architect, therefore managed to transform the house into a new look. The main challenge is to keep the same house, then build another house, and adjust the main usage area to the second floor to get away from the flood by using SHERA products as the main hero to build the whole house, which is beautiful, durable, easy to install, and importantly they don't have to be afraid of flood anymore.

When the old house that lived for long began to deteriorate, in addition, there were floodings into the house during the rainy season, causing both owners of the house, Mr. Somrit and Pauline Sunthornrangsee, the architect and interior designer, decided to renovate the house. By changing the old house that was built 60 years ago into a modern black loft style. He trusts SHERA products and used as the main materials for decorating the whole house.

Pauline and Somrit Soonthornrungsee, the owners of a modern loft design house, designed by both of them.

This house is located in the Sathorn area, in the heart of the city. Somrit said that his mother built this house in 1962. From time to time, they put some efforts for interior improvements. However, the home improvement this time can be considered a big challenge as it would completely change the look and feel of the house. Finally, this house win the award for the top 10 livable houses of the year 2019 from Baan Lae Suan magazine.

"The problem is the heavy rain bring floods into the house almost every time. We are tired of having to clean the house, so I thought that we should design and rebuilt the whole houses. However, our daughter who has been living in this house since she was young didn't want to dismantle it at all, and missing the house she loves so much. This inspires us to keep the existing house and connect it with a new building - called "Before & After" concept. All spaces are seamlessly connected together, showing relationships between the architectural elements of the building such as shapes and forms that were combined together. This included using spaces inside for the most benefits." Somrit explained the origin of the idea.

Old and new houses are connected seamlessly from outside to inside. Using SHERA Splendid Plank with a modern black look.

Before and after renovation

As they both are also designers, so the owners could clearly assign responsibilities to each one. Somrit is a structural design architect and external architecture, while Pauline commissioned for interior decoration with the following design concepts

  • Maintain the old house structure, but dismantling the roof and raising the new roof to the same height, make the house look airy. The new house uses steel structures for quick construction. So it becomes 3 1/2 story house.
  • Position the house while concerning about the directions of the sun and the wind. Extend of the front of the old house to be near opposite the new one for trapping the wind. At the same time, the window position is in the direction that the wind will blow easily into the house. Making the house cool and comfortable even without turning on the air conditioner.
  • Open the spaces between the two houses to have a courtyard in the middle. No matter where you are, you can see all the green areas. The inside is connected between both houses, and almost couldn't notice which is the old or the new one.
  • Move the living areas to the second floor. These include living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom to bring more privacy, and no worry about flooding anymore.

Open the courtyard in the middle of the house and use louvered windows to let the wind blow through the house. The front of the house is extended, and drilled more windows for better wind blows. Both owners also deliberately cracked the plaster walls as symbolic to remind the old house and its old bricks. SHERA Waterproof coating helps to maintain the old brick walls to live for long.

Both owners also pay attention to material selections. SHERA products were used for almost every part from interior and exterior walls, floors in the house, ceiling to roofs. This is becuase they are easy to maintenance, fast installation, and so beautiful and modern touch to match with the house.

SHERA Splendid Plank  was used for the exterior of the house to cover off vertically giving an unusual line instead of using horizontal ones as usual. This is an interesting alternative for exterior decoration, and also paired with the modern, beautiful steel structures.

"We consider SHERA as the Future Home Renovation Products. SHERA has comprehensive products that can be used in mostly parts of my new houses, not only its functionality, but it also has a beauty as well. For another benefit in term of construction, it's not possible to get all wood in the same size but SHERA manufactured products make it possible with identical dimension, like SHERA Splendid Plank that we are able to calculate perfectly before the wall installation that make the construction fast and easy with the touch feeling that seems like a real actual wood." Somrit added for using SHERA products to build the whole entire house.

  • As for the old house, all roofs had been removed. The slope has been adjusted from 12 to 35 degrees by raising gable for 5 meters and using Black SHERA V-Slate Limited Edition, which looked like kite tile patterns. For the new house, we used HaHuang Trilon Cool Roof for noticeable differences.
  • SHERA Splendid Planks are used for exterior section with its advantage of overlapping to prevent roof water leakage. In most cases, Splendid Planks are usually placed horizontally but we decided to flip it on vertical and the result is beautiful, exotic and modern. In addition, black painted SHERA Splendid Planks are also used for some interior part as well. I think putting wood grain patterns on the plain white wall make it looks interesting
  • Using metal frame with SHERA flooring for stairs make it becomes strong and durable with great weight capacity
  • On the 2nd and 3rd floors, we use SHERA Floor Plank with special black painted in most part of the house to make it look more sophisticated than actual wood floors.
  • For the ceiling, we use white SHERA Deco Board (Straight Gain) padding along the roof slope, making it looks spacious and airy.
  • Using SHERA Ply, works well like plywood and also water-termite proof as well, are used with other built-in parts then covered with laminate
  • On the mezzanine floor, we use 20 mm. SHERA Floorboard. Because it's easy to install and lighter than concrete flooring, this wouldn't take much load on the structure.

Black SHERA V-Slate Limited Edition for the old house roof which looked like kite tile patterns. For the new house, we used HaHuang Trilon Cool Roof with heat reflective feature.

The living room is open throughout the hall. We use glass paneling for doors and windows all around here to let the light get into the house. The court-side uses louver windows for the air flow and also use SHERA Floor Planks that have the look and feel like a real wood to make a feeling of comfort

Modern black SHERA Floor Planks, one of the owner's favorites with similar appearance but easier for maintenance including moist-termites resistance, is another idea to demonstrate the versatility of using for both interior and exterior.

The choice of using black tones comes from Pauline ideas and preferences, that makes all using materials are therefore black as well. The house interior is decorated in a mix and match style, sometimes like plain colors with some cool details that matched with the owner personality. There is an office downstairs while we can see the designing of spaces between the old and new house connected with multi-function utilities on the upstairs including whole living area, dining, and kitchen areas. The third floor is designed to be the daughter's space with a bedroom, rest area added with a small mezzanine for keeping books and this floor is easily connected to the wide balcony outside.

"In the past, we thought that artificial wood floorings are more commonly used for outdoor terraces but, in fact, it can also use for interior as well while it's more durable than using outside. It also looks like a real actual wood when finished. Or as you can see on the mezzanine floor, we use 20 mm SHERA Floorboard as the flooring because we need a bold look with showing the raw color like exposed cement as well"

The bedroom is simply yet stylish decorated focused on black and white tones, adding graphic patterns on the cloth for some gimmicks, then using Modern black SHERA Planks as the floor material.

On the third floor, we designed to be the daughter's area using black SHERA Floor Planks to match with the second floor. We also add the mezzanine keeping the books and we use coated 20 mm. SHERA Floorboard with original color that feel like an exposed cement floor with easier installation of dry system, the boards are laid to the balcony outside which uses SHERA Floor Planks

The metal stairs are designed for simplicity with sleek and harmonious look then laid with SHERA Stair Tread which can be installed quickly including high durability and weight capacity.

Kitchen and dining area on second floor of the original house is completely connected to the living room. Old roof was dismantled and lifted up the new roof for 1.5 meters, making the house look airy, then padded with SHERA Deco Ceiling along with the roof slope with heat insulator inside for another layer.

SHERA Deco Board, straight with white color makes on high opened ceiling for tall and airy look, padded with the glass panel for light exposures.

"The product can be used in many other applications, and my experiment is to install splendid wood at gable roof, front door, and also use SHERA Ceiling skirt to decorate on cement walls and result was an interesting pattern." Mr. Somrit commented on the products usage differently.

"If we use wooden materials, when it rains, we may concern about rain splashes and damped floor. But, with SHERA Floor Planks, we don't have to worry about this anymore. This seems like nothing, but we actually live with this and it's really matters. Moreover, the product durability, including termites and water resistance, will last long" Pauline added. While also telling us that when the house is completed, living here would fit with their lifestyle as desired.

"Living upstairs' changing my perspective since we didn't open doors or windows that much because of dusts or something else when we lived downstairs but, things had changed, it's totally different up here.” Pauline concluded with a voice of happiness.

Although there are fenestrations around the house, don’t worry even forgetting to close the doors and windows while it rains because of SHERA Floor Plank with the features of water and moist proof.

SHERA Splendid wood for interior wall panel combined with black antique window perfectly

Makha wood from the old house meets SHERA Wood and wooden floor from the new one level both floors for smooth utilization, this is another interesting option to perfectly match past and present.


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