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Golden Rules of Selecting Material for Exterior Floors

Exterior floors are often exposed to different weather conditions and intense usage more than any other floors in the house. So, they should have the following 3 characteristics.
1. Durability against Weather Conditions: Since exterior floors are often exposed to sunlight, rain, moisture and changing temperature, the material used to lay the floor should be durable against such weather conditions without decaying or swelling. The right material can make the floor last longer and require lower maintenance.
2. Low Maintenance: The floors outside of the house can become dirty easily because they are often walked on and get unpleasant stains from soil and moss. So, the floor material should be easy to clean and take care of to save your energy and time.
3. Not Slippery: The texture of the material for exterior floors should not be slippery when wet to prevent accidents like slipping, especially the sloping areas.
Now let's get to know popular materials for exterior floors and their properties.
1. Concrete: This material is highly popular because of its cheap price, durability and low maintenance. However, since concrete can hold a great amount of heat, a large area made of concrete can heat up after being under sunlight for a long period of time.
2. Marble Render: This material is strong and durable with rough texture to prevent slipping. But its rough texture can hold dirt and moss which are difficult to clean, so you should often clean this type of floor or coat the texture to minimize the grime.
3. Tiles: Compared to other materials, tiles are colourful with different patterns and textures available for your selection and are also low-maintenance. But they also come in different grades and some may be less durable than others, so they are not suitable as a floor in a place exposed to intense usage such as a garage.
4. Wood: Wood is classically and naturally beautiful and blends in with an exterior garden very well, but it is not durable against weather conditions. After being used for a while, wood can decay, bend or swell.
That is why people these days prefer wood substitution to natural wood (fibre cement) such as SHERA Floor Plank because it is more durable against weather conditions with a cheaper price while still equally spectacular.

Natural Wood

SHERA Color Through
Knowing the properties of these materials should make exterior flooring a piece of cake for you.
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