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Economical Ways to Improve your Feng Shui for Luck

You do not always need a lot of money to improve feng shui. If you follow these 4 tips below, your house can attract luck and auspiciousness to your family.

1. Keep Your House Clean: Dirt, scattered things around the house as well as overgrown trees and garden are negative to feng shui. So, you together with your family should clean the house, throw away unused things, and trim all the trees and plants in the garden. A clean, airy and well-ventilated house attracts positive energy and it will circulate in your house thoroughly, making good things happen for your family.
2. Keep Your House in Good Condition: Any worn-out parts should be fixed as soon as possible because they can bring in negative energy to your family. Cracks, especially, are believed to cause loss of assets and fortune as well as health issues.
3. Enhance Auspiciousness: You can do this by decorating your house appropriately based on your budget. For example, you can grow trees to symbolise abundance, colourful flowers to attract fortune or if you have enough space build a fountain or fish pond in the garden to draw more money in continuously.
4. Fix Feng Shui by Yourself: If your house is found to be against feng shui principles and you are not convenient to do something with the house, other ways to nullify the faulty feng shui easily are

- If the front and the back doors are opposite to each other, they are believed to cause loss of assets. This can be solved by placing a partition or a piece of furniture between the two doors.

- If it is dim inside of the house, negative energy can collect and this is believed to cause misfortune and depression. You can add more lights in the house or keep the windows and curtains open to let natural light in and the problem should be fixed.

- If your fence is so loose that people from the outside can see the house through it, it is believed that you will lose luck and positive energy easily. You can grow some tress around the house to have them remain with you longer.
And now you can improve feng shui in your house for this coming New Year without spending a lot of money. Not only will you enhance luck, but you will also make the atmosphere more livable.

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