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Exquisite Wall Decoration with SHERA Board

A simple wall can be beautified and styled in any way you easily. If you want to have a distinctive and unique wall, we have some ideas for you: perforate SHERA Board in different patterns and use it to decorate your wall however you want. Because SHERA Board can be used for both interior and exterior purposes, we have some ideas of wall decoration with SHERA Board in different styles from all over the world to share with you.

The video clip below shows how to create a fretwork design on SHERA Board with waterjet cutting machines.
Low and high reliefs, a special project of The Valley Guard in Israel. They are created by using 2 layers of SHEARA Board, one as a base and the other fretted. More decorations can be added freely.
SHERA Board that is 18 millimetres thick can be freely perforated however you want.
Let your habitat reflect your life style, revealing who you are through the decoration of your imagination.
SHERA Board that is 18 millimetres thick can be perforated and used as a stylish sign of a building or a cafe.
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