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Get distinctive looks by embossed pattern SHERA deco' board


We all have a beautiful dream house. However, our place becomes outdated and declined once the time has passed. Some renovation is unavoidable, yet proper materials help saving time and cost at eachstage. The renovation of second-hand house at Chaiyapruek Housing is a good example, proving it is right.

The whole wall got entirely renovated because the former was worn out: mould and peeling paint. It was thus substituted by the modern European-style one, with the wainscoting technique: installing wooden trim and panels in a pattern along the lower wall. It provides the perfect mix of function and style to a space, adorning the lower half of walls while also protecting the wall from scuffs and smudges


The only problem was the obsolete house structure, resulting in some difficult mobilisation. SHERA deco' board, which is so adaptable, offers a great help. With a size of 1.20 x 2.40 sq. m., it can be specifically divided to fit with any edges or corners, without any fragility. A simple installation makes everything easier and quicker.

For this renovation, SHERA deco' boards with rain pattern were used to convey the natural aesthetics and sense of refreshment. 
In addition, the board possesses outstanding properties of durability, high impact strength and water resistant, making it ideal for your house renovation 

Besides, SHERA decor wood - with square-cut edge and smooth texture, were used for some detailed decoration. With exceptional performance of fibre cement composite material, it is able to be customised with easy cut, then simply installed by nails.


In case of extra colour requirement, primer and top coat could be applied, consequently, without any damage to rain pattern of SHERA deco' board.

SHERA decor wood also played a key role on the edges of doors and windows. Aside from tidiness and beauty, the durability is also gained.

All theprocess here happened in only 3 days! As said, proper materials truly help saving time and cost for the renovation.

SHERA Build better, live better

Let SHERA be the solution for your home.

For more information, please contact nearby distributors or see the catalogue at http://www.shera.com/uploads/download/70/shera-board-th.pdf

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