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Choosing color for your house based on psychological principles

When it comes to house decoration, color can affect the atmosphere and the feelings of the inhabitants. That is why different shades of color have different effects on room decoration. 

There are 6 popular types of color for house decoration as follows:

Warm colors

Yellow, orange, red, and magenta. Dark warm colors can make the room vivid and intriguing, and slash stagnancy and bump up appetite, so they are suitable for parlours and dining rooms. On the other hand, light warm colors such as pale yellow, pale orange or peach draw comfortand intimacy, suitable for every type of room.


credit: naibaan

Cool colors

Chartreuse, green, blue and blue violet. This type of colors can refresh and ease you up, so theyare suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms. Dark cool colors such as dark blue or dark violet represent credibility, prudence and concentration, so they are suitable for offices or parlours that require an atmosphere of solemnity.


credit: central


credit: central

Neutral colors

White, grey, black, brown,beige and cream. They provide simplicity and clearance and therefore are suitable for every room in the house (except for dark neutral colors such as black or dark brown which should not be used to paint the whole room; otherwise, the room would be filled with confinement. Dark neutral colors should be used along with other types of color.) Plus, these colors can also be matched with any other types of color.


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ผนังตกแต่ง เฌอร่าบอร์ด

SHERA Deco Board


Focusing on one color with different gradations such as black-grey-white, blue-azure-white, red-vermillion-orange and yellow-chartreuse-green. Monochromesconvey harmony, meticulousness and fascination. They are suitable for any types of room.


credit: Babbaan


credit: Babbaan

Pastel colors

Colors that are mixed with white to decrease the depth and brightness such as pale pink, mauve or mint green which can create a mild, dreamy and romantic atmosphere.They can be used with any types of room that require such an atmosphere and are popular among vintage style lovers.



Using a pair of colorsthat are opposite to each other on the color wheel together e.g. red-green, blue-orange or azure-violet for flamboyance and excitement, suitable for rooms of vibrant and creative atmosphere such as parlours, creative offices andchildren bedrooms. The perfect proportion of a pair of opposite colors should still be 70:30 or 80:20.


Navy, Brown And Pink
credit: shutterfly.com


Black, White And Blonde
credit: shutterfly.com


Sandstone, Sage And Sunny Yellow
credit: shutterfly.com

SHERA Deco Board (Straight Gain)

SHERA Deco Board (Straight Gain)

SHERA Deco Board (Drop)

SHERA Deco Board (Blossom)

Different colors can actually create different feelings and atmospheres. Don't you agree? Now that we know how to reflect the style of the house through colors, I hope you enjoy decorating your house!

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