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Build an affordable house with high quality artificial wood materials

Must say first that ... to build an affordable house or decorating the house each time, in addition to having a style and mechanic, another important issue that we cannot overlook is the matter of the material used in the construction itself. Because each material type and grade used will have different qualities which will result in the renewal of various parts of our home as well which the advantages of using good quality materials meaning that we don't have to repair the house often can help to save money and a lot of time

Today, SHERA will introduce 4 factors that will help in deciding the construction material.

Usage Condition

In house construction Things that homeowners must always keep in mind Is equipment You should discuss this with the contractor. And should check the price regularly Because sometimes you buy the material yourself, it may be cheaper than the purchase contractor


Have to see what the use of the material you want to use to do Will be used temporarily or permanently, including the environment in which you want to use it is another important factor. Which is considered the key that determines what kind of material we should use Or what grade to build a house To get materials at a good price And quality that is suitable for the price, such as choosing prefabricated materials for house construction Contractors can use these materials for construction, easily, quickly and cheaply, but homeowners must remember about durability. And the stability of the house as well Because of our focus But the cost savings alone May reduce the quality of various materials, causing other problems to come later


Material Properties

With each material having unique properties Including outstanding features And different weaknesses Therefore there is no fixed answer that Which material properties will be the best? The selection of materials that meet the requirements for use Therefore it is important that

Roof : As Thailand is a tropical city We should choose tiles made of concrete. Or fiber cement Which has many colors to choose from at an affordable price Therefore is an interesting alternative In addition, roofing materials that should be avoided Will be metal roof tiles Because it is the heat conductor Which can cause the house to become hot and hot


Trilon Cool Roof Modern style roof From Casa City Don Mueang Project


Ha Huang Shingle

Wall : Brick wall, wall like this, we can see everywhere Because it is a material that can be easily found and cheap. Masonry walls have both a masonry style show. And masonry Can be both interior and exterior walls Due to being strong, durable, resistant to sunlight, wind, rain, but takes a long time to install And heavy Not suitable for use on an upper floor room.


Images from: Baania

Wooden walls : will look beautiful naturally But is easily eaten by termites Requires a lot of care And the price is quite high But to enhance the house to have a warm atmosphere Nowadays, that wood wall does not need to use real wood. Which you can choose to use artificial wood Without termite problems And is a material like real wood So you can build a house at a cheaper price But get quality materials at an affordable price

Artificial wood wall : It is a material that is strong, termite, does not consume and can endure harsh weather conditions, such as SHERA Splendid Plank, another level of modern artificial wood siding. Merging with nature And design perfectly with patterns and sizes that meet every design Create unique wall designs that look outstanding, not shrink, not warp, and most importantly, overlap completely. No worries about screw head marks. And other artificial wood materials from SHERA wall and wall decoration SHERA board


SHERA Splendid Plank Interior and exterior decoration of the house



Ceiling : Popular with gypsum and fiber cement in the ceiling and ceiling. Which the ceiling is gypsum Will be light, cheap, but edible Therefore not suitable for external work The fiber cement is more durable. Can be used outside But the price is higher than gypsum


SHERA Vent Board ventilates the house to be cooler than using conventional solid ceiling. Can be easily installed Durable in all conditions Both resistant to water and wetness as well

Material Grade

If the contractor And the homeowner wants the beautiful work to endure And can be used for a long time, should choose high-grade materials with quality that meets standards Although there is a higher price, in the long run you don't have to frequently repair or change the materials, so it's worthwhile and helps to save better. But if it was created for temporary use May choose lower grades to reduce budgets The grade of the material will directly affect the quality of the material in the construction. By low grade materials Will not work for long And may cause problems in fixing the house later


Standard of Goods

Good materials should come from manufacturers or standardized factories. Able to control production quality consistently in every lot Which should have a correct production process From the first step to the final stage of production Which there is a production process that does not deviate from the set standards And able to produce correctly as required So that manufacturers can produce products with quality and suitable for the price. To have a neat, exquisite, and able to be used as well In terms of shape, size, strength and pattern. In addition, if there is a product certification from a credible organization or organization Will make the homeowner And the recipient is more confident in the quality of construction materials as well

SHERA artificial wood, responding to every function of accommodation. Fulfill happiness at home Which aside from helping you to save money on building a cheaper house You also get artificial wood walls from quality materials.

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