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Alternative Material for Loft-style Houses, Easier than Ever

Loft style is distinctive because it reveals the beauty of its structure and bare texture of the material. That is why many are so fascinated and want their house to be in this rough and raw style.
Loft style mostly includes brick walls revealing brick lines and bare concrete walls, but there are limitations to these types of wall. They require specialized technicians and high cost. If the house to be renovated into a loft style is old, it can be even more complicated. So, we SHERA have brought to you new techniques for creating loft style which is easier and requires lower maintenance but not any less beautiful than the traditional one.

Creating Brick Walls without Using a Single Brick

In the original loft-style, a brick wall is built without being plastered to reveal the unique texture. This technique requires a specialized technician. Also, a thorough plan needs to be made before the construction begins because if the walls are already built and plastered, topping them with bricks will only make the walls too thick. If the renovation is to be done on the upper floor(s), it is even riskier as the walls can become too heavy and affect the safety of the house.

But we can make a brick wall without using a single brick with "SHERA Ceiling Skirt". SHERA Ceiling Skirt can be painted to look like actual brick, cut to the size of a brick, and adhered to the wall with adhesive, similar to laying tiles. Now, you will have a beautiful brick wall so much lighter that it can be used for the renovation on the upper floor(s) without affecting the structure of the house.

UNIT 33 Kata Beach @ Phuket

Food Market Restaurant @ Phuket
Creating Bare Concrete Walls on a Ready-made Wall
Polished bare concrete walls for a loft-style house can originally be built by sprinkling cement powder on a plastered wall while it is half dry before polishing it with a trowel.
But other than a plastered brick wall, you can also create a bare concrete wall on other types of texture such as "SHERA Board". You can paint the board to look like a bare concrete wall using specifically-design paint for loft style which can be found in most construction material shops. Plus, SHERA Board can be modified to different shapes before installation for uniqueness.
Revealing Chic Metal-like Profiles
Another feature of loft style is revealing metal profiles and the rawness and strength of other parts such as the posts, beams and the doors. But for houses with concrete walls, you can also reveal the metal profiles by painting "SHERA Board" to make it look like actual metal before dotting it with resin knots using epoxy.
This method is not only less expensive and easier than using actual metal profiles on different parts of the house, but it is also safer for the construction due to its lighter weight. So, SHERA Board can be used for the renovation or decoration on the upper floor(s) without affecting the structure of the house too much.
With all these techniques, you can have a beautiful loft-style house more easily, breaking free from limitations of the traditional loft style.
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UNIT 33 Kata Beach, Phuket
Food Market Restaurant, Phuket
SHERA Team in Israel

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