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Wall decoration ideas with various materials including SHERA Wood planks

Nowadays, we have plenty ways of wall decoration and we would like to recommend you one of stylish wall decoration for your lively home by using popular material like SHERA Wood Substitute that gives your walls beauty uniqueness with easy steps at low price.

Want to decorate your plain walls without expensive costs? SHERA would like to share some great ideas as follows;

Wood or Wood Substitute

Decorating old walls with Wood Substitute like SHERA Splendid Plank is one of an interesting idea because using SHERA Wood gives warm with natural feelings, replace boring walls with an eye-catching one. Put some chic-style onto your wall by installing SHERA Splendid Plank, premium plank with realistic patterns which can be installed beautifully both horizontal and vertical placements without any overlaps at all. This is a new alternative option for plank walls with easy installation, appealing, screws concealed, and fine detail works.

Moreover, SHERA Splendid Plank has ranges of pattern selection with actual wood-like designs that differs from regular planks for your warm and relaxed atmosphere include preventing problems like termites or shirking and stretching. This would be one of your favorite wall decorations for your room absolutely.

ไม้ฝาสเปนดิด เฌอร่า

SHERA Splendid Plank

ไม้ฝาสเปนดิด เฌอร่า ลายชัยพฤกษ์ รุ่นวิจิตรนนทรี

SHERA Splendid Plank Cassia Texture


For people who looking for decoration ideas, bricks in another wall material including exposed brickworks of classy unique or red clay bricks decoration for bold and warm look. Another interesting idea is to make brick wall by using other materials for the brick wall like Unit 33 Kata Beach Hotel, Phuket Province that use modified and painted  SHERA Ceiling Skirt to imitate bricks and became artificial brick walls.

Making brick walls without mortar is possible as well while brick colors should get along with your home including orange clay bricks, white bricks, or switching colors between dark and light colors is available as well.

ผนังดีไซน์อิฐ ที่ทำมาจากไม้มอบ เฌอร่า

ผนังดีไซน์อิฐ ที่ทำมาจากไม้มอบ เฌอร่า

Unit33 Kata Beach Hotel
A brick-like wall design made of SHERA Ceiling Skirt

Readymade Panels

Meet an alternative option for wall decoration of "Readymade Panels" which enhances your wall with decorations and allows different creative ideas of wall decorations. Using Readymade Panels as a decoration would add details to the wall while optimizes decoration process, and your life will get easier. "SHERA Deco Board" is also an alternative decoration material with unique outstanding patterns, high durability for impacts, water, and moist than regular soft walls.

ผนังตกแต่ง เฌอร่าบอร์ด

SHERA Deco Board

ผนังตกแต่ง เฌอร่าบอร์ด ลายสายฝน

SHERA Deco Board (Rain Texture)

ผนังตกแต่ง เฌอร่าบอร์ด ลายหินเกล็ด

SHERA Deco Board (Rocco Texture)

Exposed concrete

Raw and bold walls without any paint is already great by exposing wall surface, this is the exposed concrete feature which is not only expensive but also requires procedural works because it also requires experts to make the wall which seems like handcrafted art piece of surface, color, and patterns of various exposed concrete wall for each boldness identity. Combining with simple white tone decoration, this creates spacious looks and relaxation. Exposed concrete wall decoration is also able to apply with various decoration styles which commonly use in Loft-Style houses decoration to create warm, comfort, and lively home atmosphere.


Exposed concrete wall

แผ่นพื้น เฌอร่าบอร์ด

SHERA Floor Board


With a range of pattern selections, this is also another option to put some styles on your wall with more gimmicks than just painting the wall such as floral or embossed wallpapers matched with Vintage-style houses to add luxurious unique look for your house.
For house with tainted or rough walls, wallpapers should be consistent to conceal unpleasant spots smoothly. Before applying wallpapers, don’t forget to consider the room style and wall tainted spots for calculating wallpaper size to cover all those spots perfectly.

วอลล์เปเปอร์ สไตล์วินเทจ

Vintage Wallpaper
photo from:

For house with tainted or rough walls, wallpapers should be consistent to conceal unpleasant spots smoothly. Before applying wallpapers, don’t forget to consider the room style and wall tainted spots for calculating wallpaper size to cover all those spots perfectly.

วอลล์เปเปอร์ที่มีลวดลาย ช่วยให้ผนังบ้านคุณดูดีมีสไตล์ได้

Patterned wallpaper gives a stylish look to your house


With natural and unique pattern of stones, this can be applied to every single area of the house like bathroom, living room, or lobby to add gimmicks to house walls perfectly such as natural stone pattern walls at living room corner combined with flooring materials for rejuvenating and relaxed feeling, using light-tone stone wall decoration for brightness and pleasant look. Not only just appealing, this wall material is also durable with easy-maintenance so this, decorating your home with stone walls, is an interesting decoration idea to decorate the house including reflect the taste of house owners as well


Marble pattern wall for bedroom and bathroom
Photo from:

Let’s transform old walls with these 6 decorating ideas, no boring paints anymore, and pick the one you like to apply. If you are looking for high-quality with great design products, don’t forget our pick SHERA Deco Board for your next wall decorations. 

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