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Useful tricks of designing house and decorating garden yard for tropical country

First know... First deserve ! Looking for tricks of designing house and decorating garden yard for lively house that suits for Thailand's climate? Today, SHERA would like to share these useful tricks for you.


SHERA would like to share tricks of designing house and decorating garden yard for lively house that suits for Thailand's climate as follows;

  1. House Shape and Orientation
  2. Roof
  3. Walls
  4. Eaves
  5. Color
  6. Decorate garden yard

House Shape and Orientation

First of all is planning for shape and height of the house, interior and exterior space allocation that matched with the direction of sunlight, winds, and rains for cool house even in hot days.


Living room should have regular air flow, welcome fresh air


Fenestration for seasonal winds as follows; Northeastern and Southwestern winds for better air flow


Working room with sunlight access and viewable landscapes encourages creativities.


Choosing inclined slope roof is good for Thailand's climate due to decreased heat exposed surface from direct sunlight, attics are also giving cooler air as well. Using Heat Reflective roof tiles is one of the best ways to keep your house cool as well.


adding Strip Wood at the eaves for heat ventilation from under the roof is available


HaHuang Trilon Roof Tiles Cool series, 80% heat reflective glossy roof tile, no need to install any heat insulator under the roof with minimum slope at 7-degree, leakage problems free.


To handle the extreme sunlight in Thailand properly, opaque walls are good for direct exposed sunlight to decrease the heat that gets through the house directly. While another side with mild exposures, we recommend strip wood walls using SHERA Strip Wood or tinted glass windows to filter out some sunlight.


exterior decoration by using Strip Wood for better air ventilation


Installing curtains or blind shades can filter sunlight with classy home decorations


The installed eaves should have vents for faster heat ventilation from attics that prevent heat accumulation and decrease attic temperature, then your house would be cool even in extreme sunny day.

_MG_0880 (Medium)

SHERA Vent Ceiling board, cool down your house better than normal opaque ceilings with easy-installation, high durability including water-moist proof


The trick for color choosing is not that hard, just pick light-colored paint to help reflect the sun's heat away from the home while dark-colored paint absorbs more sun's heat. And we recommend heat-reflective paint to reduce temperature, reflect and prevent heat for your home.


Choosing cool colors to cool the house down with comfortable looks

Decorate garden yard

Planting trees around gives your home natural shades and appealing. In order to decorate garden yard for your favorite corner, we must learn about the sunlight and wind direction which are directly affected to the location of your garden including tree types; for example, north and east located gardens provide morning sunlight and heat to the trees, so we need airy garden to let morning sunlight get into our houses.


green garden yard decoration with trees for nature vibes

add some gimmicks to garden yard with floor plank

That's all for our useful tricks of designing house and decorating garden yard for our house that suits for Thailand's climate. Don't forget to apply our techniques with your house by using good and high-quality products like SHERA Strips Shine Light series.

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