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Low-cost and short-(free)class for Strip Wood balcony decoration

Many people thought that Strip Wood only used for balcony decoration but, in fact, this strip can be used in many places both interior and exterior. Let's see ideas how our Strip Wood can add some touch of beauty to your houses.


Put some styles onto your house with SHERA Strips with these interesting decoration ideas for using Wood Strips from SHERA to create unique styles for your home both interior and exterior.

Strip wood Blinds

Strip wood can be installed both interior and exterior for sunlight filtration and adding your privacy while letting some lights get through to keep you feel the comfort of the air.

ระแนงไม้เทียมได้ทั้งภายในและภายนอก ช่วยกรองแสงแดดเข้ามาสู่ตัวบ้าน

Strip wood can be installed both interior and exterior for filtering sunlight to your house while letting some lights get through, preventing your home to be airless


Feel the warmth by turning basic ceiling to padded SHERA Strip Wood, and also top up the mood and tone for your rooms with colors such as White color for airy and tidy and Wood Brown color for warm and relaxation.


Ceiling padded with Strip Wood with variation of stylish installations by placing Strips in different patterns such as orientation, colors, or gaps between strips etc.,


Decorating your home for leisure relax corner with Strip Wood provides you a distinctively uniqueness and some more touches of nature as well.


Wall decoration ideas using Strip Wood, adding details with strip patterns to soften the house mood and tone.

ใส่ลูกเล่นที่ผนัง โดยมีส่วนหนึ่งเป็นระแนงไม้เทียม

Adding wall gimmick by using Strip Wood partly to let sunlight passed, saving electricity bills once again.


Looking for the idea of making house fence? SHERA Strip Wood can be used as a fence with airy and beauty compared with ordinary opaque concrete walls, giving you both privacy and classy. Strip fence is an interesting idea for charming fence decorations of the house.

รั้วบ้านระแนงไม้เทียมบังตาสไตล์โมเดิร์น ให้ความรู้สึกที่โปร่ง สบายตา

Modern-Styled fence using Strip Wood for airy and comfort look, installing with other materials is available such as concrete fence with Strip Wood which gives you a fresh and creative style.


Decorating your garden or terrace with SHERA Strips would give you relaxed vibes with air ventilations for freshness and lively home including the garden, creating relaxed safe-zoned terrace for all day resting with slow pace.

 ใช้ระแนงไม้เทียมเป็นที่เกี่ยวกระถางต้นFor exterior, using Strip Wood as the flowerpot hangers is possible with Strips from SHERA Shine Light Strip Straight Grain Texture Red Oak


เพิ่มมุมชิลให้กับบ้านด้วยศาลาซุ้มไม้ระแนงเฌอร่า ชายน์ไลท์

Making resting zone with gazebo using SHERA Shine Light Strip Straight Grain Texture Red Oak

As you can see that strips can be installed into most of house areas with different styles. To install strips, it's possible to place them in horizontal and vertical placements depend on requirement and location.

ติดตั้งไม้ระแนงแบบแนวนอน ยิงสกรูที่หน้าแผ่นบอร์ดเข้ากับโครงเหล็ก

Horizontal Strips installation, attach the board to Equal Angles directly with screws

ติดตั้งไม้ระแนงแบบแนวตั้ง คือการนำเหล็กฉากมาเชื่อมเข้ากับโครงคร่าวใ

Vertical Strips installation, the first thing is welding Equal Angles with metal grids perpendicularly with required gaps between strips (painting both Equal Angles and metal grids is recommended), then attach the board to Equal Angles by using drilling nails (screws)

Hoping you like these decoration ideas using Strip Woods for both interior and exterior with not just only the balcony, let's try these ideas with your home. Don't forget to choose high-quality decoration material like SHERA Shine Light Strip.


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