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House inspection after rainy season... Ceiling check is not enough

Rainy season passed... but what it left are the problems from rainwater that cause damages to our houses and shelters. Today, SHERA would like to share how to check and take care of our house after rainy season. Ready to check with us? Follow me


Most people overlooked this simple thing, checking any leakages from the roof is really important that we must keep an eye on seriously! This includes cracking on the roof tiles which causes water stains on the ceiling and damages our furniture and appliances in our house as well.

กระเบื้องที่แตกร้าว สาเหตุการเกิดปัญหาหลังคารั่วซึม

Broken roof tiles, cause of roof leaks, is the leak spot of water leakages

Moreover, roof tile installation with insufficient overlaps would cause long term problems from rainwater that get through to the ceilings and bulged them. We recommend consulting with the experts before roof tile installation to prevent perennial problems of the roof leakages.


Terrace leakage issue is one of common problems that should be checked for any cracks to prevent water leakages

รอยแตกร้าวที่พื้นคอนกรีตบนดาดฟ้า สาเหตุจากการรั่วซึมของน้ำฝน

Cracks on Terrace concrete floor, caused by rainwater leakage, cause damages to the ceiling


We usually see the leaks on door and window frames, and we shouldn't overlook this as well, including cracked grouts on the frames, attached screws, and gaps between cornice frame which may cause water leakage. Humidity and climate may also bulge the cornice and cause water leakage as well, so we need to always keep this in check.


House windows is directly exposed to the rain, adding window cornice and using high quality grouts to prevent water leakages.

Indoor and Outdoor Ceilings

Water stain appeared on the ceiling is the key to indicate that your house got the water leakage problems! For leaving Gypsum board ceilings budged from water leakages for a long time, molds would be occurred. And we should inspect on exterior ceilings as well because they can be leaked or moldy, so we have to check on them to keep home in shape.


water leakage damages the ceiling. Firstly, we need to fix the cracks that cause water leakages then keep checking for any growing cracks; if it occurs, please consult with an engineering team.

In case that the ceilings were badly damaged and required the replacement, feel free to choose from these products.

Ceiling board

Ceiling board is commonly and popularly used with its flexibility to cut and fit to an installation area for various type of designs with cost-efficient and there are also a range of selection for Smooth Texture Ceiling board that match with each area of the house. You can also feel free to choose SHERA Ceiling Board with size and thickness variations.

ตกแต่งห้องนอนด้วยแผ่นฝ้าเพดาน เฌอร่าบอร์ด สวยดูดี เพิ่มความกว้างให้ห้องดูโล่ง

Bedroom decoration by using SHERA Ceiling Board with spacious and appealing looks and comfy feels

Deco Ceiling Board

SHERA Deco Ceiling, with SHERA exclusive features for high durability that keep it still firmly flat even in moist area, can be used in bathroom, living room, or even bedroom and applicable with T-bar ceiling grid. Catch the eyes with various decorative like Cassiano, Teak, Blossom, Rocco, and Drop designs.

สร้างบรรยากาศให้บ้านสวยน่ามอง โดยการเลือกใช้แผ่นฝ้าลาย เฌอร่า บอร์ด

Decorate your house beautifully by using SHERA Deco Ceiling(Rocco) with exclusive embossed pattern to create a unique dimension and sense of touch to boundless creativity

Vent Ceiling board for outdoors

Not only indoor inspection, we should also keep exterior in check as well such as eaves ceiling which may be leaked or moldy and give unpleasant look to our house. In this case, we can use SHERA Vent Ceiling Board as a decorative board with ventilation to keep cooling your house compared with using regular ceiling boards. This is one of our interesting choice not only because its decoration that blended with the house smoothly, but it is also easy for installation with high durability and immune to water damage as well.

แผ่นฝ้าระบายอากาศ เฌอร่าบอร์ด รุ่นคลาสสิค

SHERA Vent Ceiling Classic

Before choosing the ceiling board for your house, considering the practical utilization is really important :) and the ceiling board quality is the key too like SHERA Ceiling Board with durability and quality guaranteed.

After checking and repairing 4 common damage-risked spots from rainy season, please also check the electrical wiring of your house annually or replace the household electrical system every 15-20 years for your home safety :)

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