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6 Tips for Organizing Bedrooms for Those Who Have an Allergy

It must be hard for people who have an allergy to wake up and find themselves having a stuffy and runny nose. One way to minimize the problem is to make sure the bedroom is not an allergy risk as much as possible. So these suggestions will help you.

1. Make the room well-ventilated: Always keep the windows open to make the room well-ventilated and to let the sunlight in, which can help decrease the humidity. If the room is air-conditioned, try using an electric fan instead and opening the windows at least once a month so that the air can circulate well in the room.

Always keep the windows open to make the room well-ventilated

2. Floor materials: The floor in the bedroom for those who have an allergy should be made of a type of material that can be cleaned easily and does not hold dust such as natural wood, wood substitute, tiles, or cement. Avoid having all kinds of carpet as they can hold dust, mites and bacteria which can trigger allergies.

SHERA Floor Plank (and SHERA Deco Board)

A carpeted floor is not suitable for people who have an allergy

3. Avoid using wallpaper: Some types of wallpaper has a rough and perforated texture, easily holding dust and hard to be completely cleaned. Painting the walls or covering them with tiles of your favorite patterns is better.

Wallpaper can hold up lots of dust.

4. Pay attention to the furniture: Choose the type of furniture that holds dust the least. Beds and closets should be legless so that no duct can build up under them. Choose the type of cupboards that have doors or drawers to protect the stuff from dust so that the cupboards can be cleaned easily. Plus, the furniture should be made of materials that are free from formaldehyde which is harmful to the respiratory system. Those who are fond of wooden furniture, natural wood or SHERA Ply are recommended. Avoid using MDF wood or Particle Board as they may be contaminated by formaldehyde during the manufacturing process.

A legless bed prevents dust from building up under it.

The built-in furniture in Lekhavanija House made of SHERA Ply

5. A few decorations: The more decorations, the more dust. Avoid having too many decorations especially stuffed animals or dolls and decorating pillows as these soft, fluffy decorations can be a major source of dust and mites in the house.

The less decorations, the less dust.

6. Always clean the room: Clean the room at least twice a week to prevent dust from building up too much. Don't forget to change the bed/pillow sheets and expose the mattress to the sun once or twice a week as it can also hold up dust, sweat and scurf.

Always clean the room to prevent dust from building up.

Just follow these tips and your bedroom will be free from allergy risks. Don't forget to adopt the tips for your own health and that of your loved ones.
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