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5 Mistakes in House Decorations

Everyone would want to decorate his or her house to make it livable, right? But sometimes we can accidentally make mistakes that might diminish the beauty of our house. We SHERA would like to show you some mistakes frequently made that should be avoided.

1. Not considering the overall picture: Often times the owner decorate his or her house based on many styles and is unable to choose only a single style. The result is that the overall picture of the house does not match such as loft-style bare cement wall with vintage-style padded furniture and old Thai collectibles as decorations. Or, some stuff look better when they stand alone, rather than decorate together with other types of decoration which might diminish the overall beauty of the house.

2. Using wrong colours: colour can directly affect the mood and tone of the house. Here are some frequently made mistakes related to colour:

- Painting without trying the colour first: the sample colours shown on the chart may not be exactly the same as the ones you want. Try using one colour on some parts of the house and then wait for 1-2 weeks for the colour to attach to the texture. If it's the colour you want, then you can paint the rest of the house with it.

- Using the same colour for the whole house: some may worry that many parts of the house would not match so they paint it all with one single colour and decorate the house with decorations of the same colour. This can cause boredom to people who live in the house. Try using other colours along with the main one in a 20-30% proportion. It can be furniture or ceilings of different colours.

- Too many colours: If you use many colours equally, the house would look confusing rather than beautiful. Using just 1-2 main colours should be better.

3. Too many decorations: too many decorations do not make the house beautiful. Rather, they can make the house look cluttered and messy. You should use just one large decoration as the main piece and then couple it with some smaller pieces appropriately. This way, your house can look beautiful and more spacious.

4. Buying things too quickly: buying things too quickly without careful thinking can get you stuff that do not match your house well. They may be too big or not go well with other decorations. If you buy decorations based on the trend without actually liking it, it would end up being useless when outdated.

5. Not considering the lifestyles of the inhabitants: Focusing only on the beauty of the house without its functions can cause inconvenience and unsafety, and make the house unlivable for the inhabitants. Frequently made mistakes are using smooth and slippery materials for the floor in the house where old people live in, or having quirky-style staircases that are difficult to walk on and consequently cause accidents. More can be said to those who decorate the house where children and pets live in with fragile decorations or with carpets/wallpapers of bright colour that are easily stained. Some may have beautiful and unique furniture that is not comfortable to use.

Avoid the mentioned 5 mistakes and you should be able to decorate your house beautifully and perfectly to make it livable. Enjoy decorating your house!
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