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9 Economical Ways to Re-decorate Your House

Having stayed in the same house for a long time, many may get bored with the same atmosphere and feel like renovating or re-decorating the house. If you are not financially ready, we SHERA team recommend 9 economical ways to make our house more livable.

1. Get rid of unused stuff: some keep every piece of unused or useless stuff because they don't want to dump them, making the house full of stuff and the inhabitants feel confined. Unused stuff should be dumped or given to other people, to clear up the space in the house and lessen the dust and unpleasant smell. It's an easy way to feel comfortable living in the house without having to spend a penny.

2. Change the wall color: it can give you different mood and atmosphere and is easy to do. Pick your favorite color and enjoy painting the house with your family members. With creative ideas, unique and quirky patterns may be painted to beautify and add more excitement to the house.

3. Use wallpaper: another alternative to make the house more livable easily and fast. There are several styles, patterns and the wallpaper can be changed often and can help cover the flaws on the walls effectively. But if you use wallpaper of low quality or if it's applied on the wall by an unskilled person, it may flake some time later.

4. Use lights: instead of using the ordinary white lights, try using those of different color for each room such as pale yellow ones for bedrooms or living rooms to create relaxing atmosphere. You can also install brightness controllers so that you can readjust the lights during the day and night. Don't forget to open the curtains or windows for the natural light to come in for a more livable atmosphere.

5. Relocate the furniture: relocating the furniture may help create different atmosphere. Organizing the space well can also make the house looks more airy, spacious and livable and you would have some space left for extra activities.

6. Modify the old furniture: Try modifying furniture that is becoming old by fixing or repainting it, or covering it with nice piece of cloth. You may also do something like turning an old pallet to a piece of furniture.

7. Decorating the house with prominent ornament: even though the inside of the house may look plain, a piece of prominent decoration with unique pattern and shape can draw attention to those who see enter the house. They can be a large painting, a lovely-patterned cushion or a quirky lamp.

8. Add more green: if the atmosphere in the house is quite dull, try decorating it with ornamental plants on the windows, the working desk, the dining table or in the restroom. They can refresh you and bring nature closer to the house. Green is also good for relaxing our strained eyes after staring at the computer screen or reading something for so long.

9. Having a space for hanging out in front of the house: you can place some furniture and decorate the area with small tress to create a relaxing corner. You may also build a bower with a roof or wall using lath. Not only does it make the house look more exquisite, the bower can also be a waiting area for guests, or an outdoor dining area.

You can see that the tips above can be followed easily without wasting a lot of money. These coming holidays, try spending some time renovating your house with your family members to make it more livable.
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