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Gardening Tips for Townhouses to Add More Privacy

Those who live in a townhouse or an attached house which has only a fence or wall to separate their house from other houses may find it hard to have their own privacy as the neighbors may be able to see what goes on through the fence or wall, causing them to feel uncomfortable. We SHERA would like to recommend some gardening tips for this type of house for more privacy and more livable atmosphere.

1. Plant curtains: a plant curtain can be created by hanging climbers with fibrous root system on the fence or wall. The containers can be small pots, coconut shells, or other types of modified recycled materials. The plant curtains can help prevent the outsiders from seeing things in the house and also add more natural atmosphere as if it was a resort.

2. Tree fences: making fences with trees as high as you want can also divide the attached houses without having to feel uncomfortable. Plus, the greenery can also relax your eyes. If planting the trees on the ground to build fences is too messy, you may try plating them in pots and line them up together instead. You can also make a frame and plant climbers on it to make a plant wall as well.

3. Vertical gardens: this type of garden can be created by hanging or placing trees in pots on a frame that is in an upright position such as lath frames or pallet frame. Choose a frame that is not too high or too low and place small-to-middle-sized plants on it so that when they grow up the frame can still bear the weight. This type of garden can be a wall, take little space and beautifies the house.

4. Partitions: these days there are many types of partitions made of various types of material such as natural wood or wood substitute. They can be placed anywhere and helps cover the private part of the house effectively. The design is mostly stylish. For houses that already have walls, lath frames may be added on the top of it to make the wall higher, giving more privacy. Those with creative ideas may decorate the partition with small plants or other ornaments.

A partition made of fibrecement SHERA Vent Board

These 4 tips add more privacy to townhouses or attached houses and also make them more livable. Feel free to apply whichever tips you like to your house and please come share with us your photos of the gardening.
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