Oct 14, 2018   Tips    5,746
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The Pros and Cons of Loft-Style Houses

These days, loft-style houses have become more and more popular, especially among the new generation, because of its artistically bare design unlike any other houses. We SHERA team would like to present the pros and cons of the house to loft-style house lovers who are planning to build or decorate their houses in this style.

The pros of loft-style houses
1. Design with identity: this type of house is fascinating because of its artistically 'bare' style revealing all the texture of the material and the structure such as bare cement walls, bare brick walls, posts, beams, electric wire pipes and ceilings higher than those in other houses in general. It also looks airy and quirky as the style derives from that of western lofts and factories.
2. Airy atmosphere: with high ceilings and large windows, the inside looks spacious and well-ventilated, letting more natural light in.
3. Easy space organizing: this type of house do not usually come with many walls or partitions to separate the space within the house, so the owner can later design and organize the space freely by him/herself.
4. Less time spent on building and decorating: the structure of loft-style houses is not complex so it can be built fast. Because of the design, there is no need for painting, revealing the bare texture of cement or brick walls. This helps you spend less time on the decoration.
The cons of loft-style houses
1. Temperature: the sunlight may get into the airy house too much through the large windows, making it hard to control the temperature inside in summer. Without good thermal insulation, the house may be filled with torrid heat.
2. Noise: Due to the fact that there are not so many walls and partitions within the house, noise can get through and around the house easily.
3. Maintenance: if the cement is bare and glossed, it can become pallid as time passes, so the gloss should be applied on it every 2-3 years to keep it shinny. Plus, the cement surface can be crazed with cracks due to the plastering, and this can be seen easier in the loft-style houses with bare cement walls rather than in houses of which the walls are painted. (The cracks here are just on the surface, not effecting the structure of the house.)
Now that you know the pros and cons, do you still want a loft-style house?

We would like to leave you with quirky and stylish ideas of spectacular loft-style houses to inspire those who are planning to have one for themselves.