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5 Signs of Roof Leaks

Some small leaks we overlook might later turn out to be big serious roof leaks, causing damage and reparation fee. So, we recommend that you check the roof regularly at least twice a year so that if any of the following signs are found, you can manage to fix the problems in time.

1. If there is water dropping or leaking from the ceiling while it's raining outside, or if a light from the outside can get through the hole or the nook of the roof, it can be assumed that there is a roof leak. Even if the leak is very small, it is better to have it repaired as soon as possible.

A small leak we overlook may lead to a bigger one.

2. Water stains or grey smudges on the roof or ceiling indicatethat water seeps through the roof from the outside into the house. Make sure to find the exact leaking spot and its cause and fix it properly.

Water stains on the ceiling is a sign of a leak.

3. If the roof becomes sagging or sunken, the water may seep through the partially-open part of the roof into the house. The sagging or sunken roof can also effect the structure of the house and, consequently, may be harmful to the inhabitants, so it is also better to consult with a technician if the problem is found.

If the roof is abnormally sagging, consult with a technician immediately.

4. If the roof tiles or the ridge tiles is broken, twisted, or so loosely stuck to each other that it causes cavities, the rainwater may be able to seep through the roof. Plus, if it is rotten with fungus on the roof, it can be assumed that the water gets stuck on the spot before leaking through it.

A small broken spot of the roof tiles can be a cause of a roof leak.

5. The gutter can be clogged up with rubbish or fallen leaves and so cannot carry off the rain water effectively. This may cause the water to flow back into the gutter and seep through the joints of the pipe before leaking in the house. The best way is to get rid of whatever that blocks the way of the gutter.

A clogged up gutter may cause a roof leak.

Those who have checked their houses and found the mentioned critical signs should have the problems fixed as soon as possible. The more you wait, the more damage and expenses on reparation may follow. You may repair the small broken or leaking parts by yourself using Epoxy glue or applying acrylic sealant on the roof. For the larger broken or problematic parts that require changing of roof tiles or structural reparation, let it be the job of experienced technicians for the durability of the house and your own safety.
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