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8 Spots That Need Attention to Keep Burglary at Bay

'We each treasure our own house.' Nowadays danger is all around us, so we have to be more and more careful for the safety and assets of ourselves and our family, especially with the following 8 spots:
1. Fence: fence is the first stage of protection, so it has to be strong and not set too low to prevent the intruders from climbing over into the house. Sharp arrowheads or barbed wire can also be applied on the top for more safety. Plus, the area around the fence should be clear so that if there are intruders, we can notice them easily and prepare to deal with them promptly.

A safe fence must be robust and fairly high (SHERA Fence).

Increase safety with arrowheads and barbed wire.
2. Door: it is most likely that the intruders would come to through the door, so the door and its frame should be made of robust and durable material and installed firmly. The door hinges should be inside of the house and the gap between the door and its frame should not be more than 0.3 centimetres to protect the door from being cracked.

A robust and durable door keeps the family safe.

SHERA Door and Frame, beautiful and durable, keep you safe both inside and outside the building.
3. Window: the windows on the first floor can be broken through easily, so make sure they are strong and firmly installed. Also, curved steel or security windows can also be used for more safety.

Beauty must come with strength.

An example of security windows and doors.
4. Locking system: over 50% of burglary occurs due to the unlocked doors/windows or unreliable locking system. When it is night time or no one stays in the house, all doors and windows should be locked firmly. Make sure to regularly check the locking system of every spot and replace any worn out locking system immediately.
5. Bright light: a burglar can hide themselves in a dark spot before breaking into the house, especially at night time, so make sure there are enough lights around the house. When everybody is out at night, you may leave some lights on to make it look as if someone is staying in the house.
6. Key: to prevent outsiders from getting into the house, hiding the key outside the house is not recommended (such as under the rug or in the flowerpot). If necessary, let a reliable neighbour keep the key instead. Never give the key to any technician or deliveryman. In case you lose the key, change the whole set for safety.
7. Things in the house: sometimes, things in the house can be tools for the burglars such as screw drivers, hammers, saws and other things, so make sure to keep them tidily. Plus, do not attract the thieves by showing off valuable stuff or leaving boxes of expensive and newly-bought electric appliances in front of the house.
8. Security technologies: if there is a lot of assets and properties in the house, or the owner can afford a security system, surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, electric doors, etc. are recommended.
A little more caution for a lot more safety. Do not forget to apply the tips mentioned above to your house. Besides, raising dogs for house watching or building a relationship with neighbours are also recommended so that your neighbourhood is free from burglars.

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