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6 Factors Parents Should Keep in Mind When Decorating Children Bedrooms

A good foundation for children starts at their homes, especially in their bedrooms where they spend up to 8-10 hrs. /day relaxing doing activities. That is why the bedroom is essential for their development and characteristics as they grow up.
In decorating a child's bedroom, parents should take the following 6 factors into consideration to ensure their children are happy and live a quality life.

1. Age: this is the first factor that determines how to organize the space and decorate the room as children of different ages need different types of bedrooms. For example, small children spend most of their time relaxing, reading books or playing in their bedrooms, while adolescents, who have to be more responsible and need more privacy, spend time working and doing hobbies in their bedrooms.

A bedroom for a small child

A bedroom for an adolescent

2. Safety: as children can be innocent most of the time, they may not be so careful or know what is dangerous, causing accidents to occur easily. To prevent the accidents, parents should avoid using slippery floor materials such as sleek tiles or placing furniture with sharp corners in spots where children can easily bump against, and use normal door hinges instead of the spring type to prevent children from getting pinched easily by the door.

Sleek floor without anti-slip treatment can cause children to trip easily.

Furniture without any sharp corners

3. Health: Children's health directly affects their growth and development. The bedroom should be airy, well-ventilated, and bright enough to prevent untimely eyesight deterioration. Plus, some children may have a sensitive body that easily leads them to allergy, so parents should use materials that are free of toxin and fungus such as SHERAFloor and Plank made of fibrecement, or SHERA Ply

A well-ventilated room with enough light makes children healthy.

SHERA Ply is so free of any substances harmful to health it can be used in hospitals.

4. Development: development in human is most important when we are young as it is the foundation of learning and intelligence including life skills. In the bedroom, there should be a small corner for activities to stimulate children's learning in line with their ages. For instance, small children should have a corner for reading some tales and for creative toys to play with other family members to improve their skills. Adolescents should have a separated area for reading and other creative activities of their own interestsuch as music, art and craftwork. Parents can also design the bedroom with creative ideas to support their children's imagination.

Toys corner for small children

Music corner for adolescents

A creative bedroom for children who are big fans of football

A vibrant and relaxing beach-inspired bedroom

5. Emotion: colors have a psychological impact on children's emotion and feelings. Parents should select colours in light or vibrant tone such as blue, yellow, pink, and green because it is believed that they can make children become cheerful and more enthusiastic, and can also stimulate imagination and brain function. Flamboyant colours such as carmine or vermillion should be used to paint only some part of the room along with lighter colours like white of beige to slash the flamboyance; otherwise, it would cause the children to have a hard time trying to sleep. Avoid dark colours as they can depress the children.

6. Tidiness: there should be cabinets or shelves for keeping things after use so that the bedroom is not cluttered and looks clear and safe. Also, having children put things in order by themselves is a way to teach them to be responsible and disciplined.

With all the factors above, you can create a functional bedroom that also supports children's development. If your children also want to take part in the decoration, do not forget to listen to their opinions because that is how you support their creativity and assertiveness.
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