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6 Easy Steps to a Cosy House.

After an exhausting day, home is the destination where most people tend to go back to refresh themselves. The environment around the house substantially affects the inhabitants' physical and mental health, so we would like to suggest 6 useful tips for making your house cosy as follows.
1. Observe yourself: different people have different definitions of relaxation. Try asking yourself what kind of atmosphere and environment would make you feel comfortable the most so that you can decorate the house to meet your requirement. For example, you may like being among nature, be fond of artwork, or be into modern technology.
2. Make your house airy: regardless of the size and how it is organized, it should be airy with enough light inside the house. The furniture and stuff should be placed tidily. Multifunctional furniture is recommended to save some more space. The airier the environment, the more relaxed we can feel.
3. Proper colour: colour has an impact on the atmosphere in the house and the inhabitants' emotions. Cool colours such as blue and green are refreshing, so they are suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms. Warm colours like pale yellow and peach which draw comfort and mildness are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Also, light colour should be mainly used on walls and ceilings to make the house look airy and spacious.
4. Natural atmosphere: nature can restore exhausted physical and mental health. So, we should adopt nature as part of house decoration such as having ornamental plants and vases of flowers, and decorating the house with natural material (or natural material substitute) such as stones, wood, wood substitute and fountains.
5. Pay special attention to the bedroom: create the atmosphere most suitable for relaxation. The bedroom should be in proper temperature, well-ventilated, and always tidy. Avoid placing the bed next to the working desk as it can cause stress and lack of sleep. If possible, electronic devices that produce disturbing waves such as televisions, radios and smartphones should be kept outside of the bedroom.
6. Creating a corner of joy: if there is some space available, it may be set up as a special corner for hobbies or inspirational collections of work. When it becomes one of those days, spending time with what we love can perfectly heal our mind and soul.
Not only should you decorate the house beautifully and make it comfortable, but you should also keep it clean and tidy so that you can stay happy in your house for a long time.
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