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6 Indispensable Things in a House for Elderly People

The most important things for a house for elderly people are safety and convenience, because elderly people become weaker and slower and they are likely to be injured more severely than young people when having an accident. So, these 6 things should be included in a house for elderly people.

1. Downstairs Bedroom: Elderly people may have difficulty walking up and down the stairs, and can fall out of stairs easily. If the bedroom is on the ground floor, they will not have to walk up and down so often that their legs are sore, and accidents will less likely occur.
2. Safe Bathroom: The bathroom is where accidents can most likely occur. Each year, there are a number of elderly people reported dead or severely injured due to slipping in the toilet/bathroom. The bathroom floor should then be laid with material of rough texture and divided into wet and dry zones. Also, handrails should be installed in different spots for the elderly to hold on to for support.
3. Stairs and Floor: The material used to make stairs should not be slippery nor slope too much. The handrails should be at least 1 metre high from each stair to prevent falling. The floor should also be laid with material that is not slippery, and there should not be too many different floor levels. No obstacles should be on the floor to prevent stumbling.

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4. Adequate Light: Many elderly people have problems with their eyesight, so it is important that there is enough light thoroughly both inside and outside the house to facilitate their seeing. Adequate light can also minimize the chance of accidents.
5. Airy Atmosphere: The house should be well-organized, airy, and well ventilated with some natural light, so that it is livable and promotes healthy lifestyle. Also, you can make the atmosphere even livelier by having a beautiful garden for chilling out.
6. Furniture: Make sure the furniture and other appliances are functional and easy to use. Their sizes should also be proportional to the body of the elderly users, so that they do not have to put so much effort that it causes accidents.
Make sure you have these 6 factors in the house and it will be safe and convenient for elderly people, your parents, or yourself after your retirement.
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