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5 Ways to Add More Space in Your House

If you feel that your house is small and not as comfortable to live in as before, it may be time to add more space to your house. It is not difficult to do so if you follow the tips we have brought for you today.

1. Clear up The Space No Longer Used: If you no longer use a space in a room like a storage room, you can make it useful again starting from removing the stuff you no longer want and cleaning the area. Then, you can add furniture and other appliances to make this room another useful room.
2. Having Shelves on the Wall: You can save more space by moving your stuff on the tables or in the shelves on the floor to the shelves on the wall. This way, your stuff will look tidier and are handier.
3. Useful Space under the Staircase: You can use this space for many purposes such as a storage room, a book shelf, or even a small office, leaving you more space in the house for other activities.
4. Adding Partitions: When you have more family members or your children have grown to adults, you can add more partitions to divide rooms for them. Adding partitions can now be done easily. You only need to install a metal profile and cover it with ready-made boards such as SHERA Board on both sides and then you have a wall for another room.

How to divide rooms with SHERA Board
5. Adding a Mezzanine: You can also have more space with an additional mezzanine. But before you do so, consult with an engineer first to make sure that your house can bear the additional weight. Also, the material should be extra durable, strong but light such as SHERA Floor Board for your safety.
Feel free to adopt any of the tips above as you like. For those interested in using SHERA Board to add more space in the house, just click the link below:
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