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Benefits of Wood Substitute

If you want to build a house or decorate it in a wooden style but do not want to use natural wood, wood substitute like "SHERA Wood" may be one of the first choices that pops up in your mind, right? But other than replacing natural wood, wood substitute also have plenty other benefits. Let's check them out.
1. Resistant to Termites: Because SHERA Wood is made of fibre cement comprising cement, sand, and natural fibre, all of which cannot be eaten by termites. If you use SHERA Wood, you can rest assured that no termites, weevils, and other bugs can eat your material throughout its useful life. This way, you can save a lot of expense and time for maintenance.

The production process of fibrecement in SHERA factory

Chocolate Ville project also selected SHERA Plank and SHERA Eaves.
2. Durable in All Weather Conditions: SHERA's wood subtitute (fibrecement) is produced using Auto Clave technology which is the use of high-pressured steam to rid the wood of moisture, resulting in its low shrinking and stretching ratio. So, whether it is exposed to sunlight, wind or rain, it will not shrink or stretch, unlike natural wood that can stretch so much that it causes gaps between the joints. Not only can SHERA Wood be used for both interior and exterior purposes, it is also resistant to fire, minimizing the damage in case of fire.

SHERA Color Through for exterior use

SHERA wood substitute is resistant to fire.
3. Cost-saving: nowadays natural wood is difficult to find and has become more and more expensive. Using wood substitute like SHERA wood to build and decorate your house can reduce a lot of expense. SHERA wood comes in variety of series and patterns with reasonable prices for you to choose.
4. Meet Your Requirements: Because wood substitute is produced in so many different ways, there are wood substitute for almost every part of the house including the roof, the walls, the floor, the ceilings, the staircases, the door, the fence, furniture and plenty more. It also ranges in size, pattern and colour. You can also paint it by yourself the way you want by using colour for fibrecement such as SHERA Paint.

SHERA Wood in many different designs and colours

Built-in furniture made of SHERA Ply
5. Easy to Use: SHERA wood is developed for both old and new users to use it easily. There are "SHERA Plank" that is already painted from the factory available in more than 10 shades of colour; "SHERA Eaves Pro" that can be installed quickly in just one step, unlike other normal eaves that require 4 steps; "SHERA Door Frame" that help you save twice as much time for the installation and "SHERA Fix" and "SHERA Bond" which are glue for installing fibre cement easily without screwing it.
Plus, it can also be cut, pierced or bent without breaking easily because every SHERA's wood substitute product is extra flexible and durable as a result of Hatscheck technology that weaves fibrecement layer by layer with a complete chemical process.

SHERA Eaves Pro

An example of bent SHERA Fence
6. Environmentally-friendly: Using wood substitute can help decrease the use of forest resources, conserving more green areas for our world. SHERA has long developped its products under Green Policy which focuses on saving energy and not causing toxins so that humans can live with nature in a steady state. Our products are environmentally-friendly and guaranteed by many valid international institutes.

Hallmarks to guarantee our products' standard
For those who want to use wood substitute to build or decorate the house, you can select ones that suit your requirement from our catalogue by clicking the link below:
For more information or advice, please contact our experts at SHERA Call Center: +66 2 289 9888.