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4 Guidelines to Build a House Based on King Bhumibol Adulyadej's Notion of "Sufficiency"

King Bhumibol Adulyadej's notion of "Sufficient Economy" consists of 3 easy elements: sufficiency, rationality and self-control, all of which are the fundamental of sustainable happiness.
We can apply this notion to every matter in life, including house building for peaceful and happy family which can be achieved through the following 4 guidelines:

1. Budget: To estimate the budget for building a house, you have to consider your financial status. You should not overspend or you may have financial issues later for years and then even a large luxury house would not be able to comfort you due to the great burden from your debt.
2. Design: The house plan should be created based primarily on its functionality so that every family member can live in the house comfortably and safely. The decoration should be decided mainly by the family members and it does not always have to be luxury or expensive because the true happiness comes from your heart, not the price of the material.
3. Plan: The more detailed, careful and in advanced your plan is, the more cost and time you can save for building a house. At least, before the construction, you should have the house plan and a list of materials required for the construction as detailed as possible. Also, avoid changing anything after the construction has begun; otherwise, you may end up going over the budget and wasting more time.
4. Material Selection: The word "sufficiency" is not just about choosing materials of cheap prices because they can also be cheap in quality and require high maintenance, causing you to be "Penny wise and Pound foolish".
It is better to choose the types of material that are standardised and durable with reasonable prices because you likely have to live in the house for decades.
Just follow these 4 guidelines and you can build a stable house that brings you and your family lasting happiness.
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