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4 Main Factors to Consider When Selecting Flooring Materials

Floors are an important part of the house since they usually exposed to intensive and different kinds of usage, so we have to be meticulous when choosing flooring materials. Unsuitable materials can result in floor deterioration sooner than usual or they can affect the livelihood in the house. To avoid such problems, you should carefully consider these factors when selecting flooring materials.

1. Area: Different areas in the house require different types of flooring materials.
- For interior floors that are exposed to intensive usage or water such as those in bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms, any type of materials would do. It can be a laminated floor, or covered with parquet, SHERA Floor Plank, tiles, marble or even carpet.
- For areas that often become wet and easily stained such as kitchens or bathrooms, the material should be resistant to water and moisture, and easy to clean such as tiles and granito. They should also be the kind that is not slippery when wet to minimize risks of accident.
- For exterior floors, which are often exposed to sunlight and rain such as those in the garden, balcony, patio, or rooftop, the material should be strong and durable against weather conditions without shrinking or stretching such as SHERA Floor Plank.
- If the floors are to be in areas exposed to intensive usage, or areas that have to look beautiful, you should use "SHERA Color Through" which is produced with nano technology that paints the material both inside and outside, so the color remains throughout the whole material. SHERA Color Through is also extremely durable against weather conditions and so can remain beautiful even after intensive usage.

SHERA Color Through
2. Appearance: The flooring material should look beautiful and blend in with other parts of the house. For example, a modern style house matches tiles and granito which look modern, or marble if you want the house to look luxurious. If you want your house to look natural and warm, you may use wood or wood substitute such as SHERA Floor Plank.
3. Family Members: The flooring material should go along with the lifestyles of the family members. For instance, if you do not have much time to maintain and clean your house, the material should be low-maintenance and easy to clean such as tiles or SHERA Floor Plank.
Plus, health-related conditions should also be considered. If you have allergies, you should not lay the floor with carpet because it can hold a lot of dust and bacteria which can worsen your symptom.
4. Cost: Different types of materials have different prices. You should select flooring materials based on your budget, but focusing on the cheap price alone without considering the quality can result in poor-quality material. Some materials that have cheap prices are under standard and not durable enough, causing you to waste time and money fixing them often, which is not worth it in the long term.
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