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3 Garden Decorations Busy People Should Avoid

The beauty of your garden depends not only on how you design and arrange it but also how often you take care of it. The more detailed your garden is, the higher maintenance it needs.

If you have such a busy lifestyle that you can seldom spare time to take care of your garden, you should not design your garden to be high-maintenance nor have the following 3 decorations.
1. Decorative Pond: Even though a fountain or a fish pond can make the atmosphere in the garden refreshing and relaxing, it requires high maintenance. You will have to often clean the fountain and keep the water clear without moss. Or, a fish pond that is ignored for too long can cause the fish to die.
2. High-maintenance Plant: Avoid growing sensitive plants that require you to water them every single day or to trim them often. Also avoid the types of plants that shed leaves so often that you will have to keep sweeping them.
Busy people who rarely have time to water their plants should grow the kind of plants that is durable against sunlight and dryness such as Garden Croton, Adenium, Bougainvillea or Peacock Flower.
3. Lawn: To have a beautifully verdant lawn, you need to water it at least once a day and mow it every week. Mowing your garden prevents it from becoming overgrown and so a place for unpleasant animals to inhabit. Plus, you should also get rid of weeds whenever they appear.
Instead of having a lawn, it is better to lay the floor in the garden with the kind of material that is durable against weather conditions and easy to maintain such as pebbles or cement blocks. You can also use fibre-cement material like SHERA Colour Through which is painted thoroughly both inside and outside, so it is long-lasting and will always look new regardless of scratches. SHERA Colour Through is also durable against sunlight and rain without swelling or bending, perfectly suitable for exterior purposes like an outdoor garden.
Just avoid having the 3 decorations stated above and you will not have to spend a lot of time taking care of your garden but can still relax in it whenever you want.
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