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Rustic Loft Style with SHERA Color Through


Nestle yourself among the nature while getting indulged with tasteful dishes at 'Made for Mouth', an exquisite restaurant in Phitsanulok District. The eatery is well-designed in rustic loft style, using materials that provide wood-like aesthetic. With great feedback from customers, Nicha Wangruangsatit and the co-founder, has just established the 4th branch.


Beginning from a small space in a building, the 1st branch has drawn customer attention with a dining experience in a container. From only 5 tables, 'Made for Mouth' now owns 4 locations with distinctive characters, along with unique recipes of food and bakery. Especially for the bakeries, innovative gastronomic ideas have been introduced.


To bring new things to 'Made for mouth,'Nicha has performed in management, recipes creation, and operation herself, in order to make sure the eatery serves the best to customers. The latest place took over 2 years for construction and has just opened for 3 months; yet a lot of positive responses has been gained. So far, some decoration keeps added to always create a new, fresh ambience.


With the intention to getting customers close to the nature, Nicha has designed the place herself: using tones of black, blue and brown, along with loft and modern decorative style.


Thanks to advices from her father, Surasit Wangruangsatit who has operated the building materials supplier, Nicha has elaborately picked the materials for sustainable and excellent construction. Her father has suggested SHERA Color Through for the floors, regarding an exceptional performance and durability of fibre cement composite material. And with the technology to color the material wholly from inside out, whether it is cut, pierced, nailed or scratched, the color can still be seen both inside and outside throughout its useful life.


"I don't want a simple concrete floor. In fact, I prefer authentic wooden floor. But there are too many cautions about using it. So, my father suggested SHERA Color Through and the chestnut-brown ones have hit my mind, as they fit with the colour of the wall. They truly provide a feel of natural wood, both in terms of pattern and color. Also, they are weather resistant, immune to water damage, and easy to clean. In addition, their color always looks new, attracting customers to take photos," Nicha said.

Her father talked about SHERA Color Through:

"I have been a supplier for a long time, and I would like to choose the best one for my daughter. I wasn't definitely sure at first, yet once SHERA team insisted on the product, I thus recommended it to her. We decided not to coat the SHERA Color Through, then it turned impressive. Besides its durability, easy installation and easy to clean, along with its beauty, makes me delighted. I would say it's such an innovative product that can replace the real wood."

Questions about the materials have been raised from customers every single day. The place seems to be not only a cosy restaurant, but a showcase for good decor as well.

In case anyone has a chance to visit Phitsanulok District, don't forget to make a stop at 'Made for Mouth' to enjoy a good taste of both food and decor ideas. Let your journey be colourful: Color Through for your colorful life

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