Jul 29, 2018  
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Enjoy coffee, along with SHERA Shine Light

Chiang Mai is one of the most popular destinations for the long weekend. Among an array of enticing spots, specialised coffee shops require a place on your list. And 'Good Day Café by Dae' is recommended.

The cafe is located on the junction leading to Doi Inthanon National Park, Chom Thong District. Coffee lovers are welcomed to enjoy authentic coffee flavours here. The title 'by Dae' comes from the background story. Dae - in Hainanese, means dad - referring to Mr Samchai Bhupisit, the owner. He began with his coffee plantation in Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son. Then, he and his wife have come to Chiang Mai to open their own cafe.

Not only fabulous coffee beans, the cafe is distinctive with home-like ambience, furnished with polished SHERA shine light. This unique cellulose-cement plank resembles natural woods, while requiring simple maintenance.

"I do love this plank since the first time. Its brown teak colour echoes the tone of coffee beans, which recalls a natural wood added with some gimmicks. Despite its shining, just simple cleaning is needed. The plank thus meets the needs of cafe's customers." Mrs Fuangfa, the owner's wife talked about the coffee shop.

Aside from decorating the wall by SHERA shine light, other parts get furnished by SHERA as well: oak wood SHERA shine light strips are used for pillars, oak and red oak wood ones get adopted for outdoor chairs, while counter tables are made from chestnut brown SHERA colour throughs. Moreover, glass windows provides a feeling of vastness.

For interior ceilings, white V-Cut Edge SHERA shine light strips help air ventilation under the roof. In the meantime, chestnut brown SHERA colour through planks are used for the floor to enable natural wood and cosy feeling, enhanced with perfect matching furniture like stylish brown sofa.

If you plan to own some cafes and think about the decoration, SHERA's range of products are excellent options, thanks to their durability, easy equipping process, and requirement of simple maintenance.

Next time you pass by Chom Thong District, make a stop at Good Day Café by Dae - not only to enjoy flavours of coffee and bakery, but also to get some ideas for decoration.

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