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6 Things in the House that Should Be Adjusted for Elderly People

Becoming elderly, our parents, grandparents or aged relatives we care about may not be as strong and healthy as they used to be, making their lives in the house not so convenient and risk having accidents.
We as the younger ones can help make their lives more convenient and safer by adjusting part of the house to be suitable for them.

1. Restroom: This is where accidents like slipping can occur most often for the elderly, and sometimes they can be fatal. We can prevent slipping by laying the floor with a material of which the texture is rough when wet. For more safety, you can place non-slip mats or use any other non-slip products on the floor.
Plus, the wet zone should be separated from the dry zone and handrails should be installed near the bathtub/shower and the toilet for the elderly to prevent slipping.
2. Bedroom: Some elderly people may be physically challenged because of their deteriorating bones and joints, causing them difficulties in walking up and down the stairs. This is why their bedroom should be on the first floor of the house.
If there is no more room available on the first floor, you may use SHERA Board as walls to build a bedroom easily or you can use curtains or partitions if the space is not enough.

How to Use SHERA Board to Make a Room
3. Walkway: Walkways in the house must not be slippery and the floor should be completely of the same level to prevent any accident and to facilitate the elderly if they have to use a wheelchair. If there are different floor levels, you can build a ramp or handrail for the elderly to use when they are going through different levels.
More importantly, no obstacle should be on the floor to prevent slipping.

A safe walkway must not be slippery and free from obstacles.

Since both interior and exterior different floor levels can be dangerous to elderly people, handrails can reduce risk of accident.

The different floor levels on the patio should have non-slip surface of materials such as wood substitute or tiles with rough texture.
4. Furniture/Appliances: The furniture and appliances should be suitable for aged people for their convenience. No need to buy new ones, but make sure they do not require the elderly too much effort to use or they could cause accidents.

Built-in furniture and kitchen made from SHERA Ply
5. Light: It is important that there is enough light thoroughly whether it be in the restroom, above the stairs, or in the garden to facilitate their seeing. Adequate and suitable light can also minimize the chance of accidents.
6. Atmosphere: When all the younger ones are out to work during the day, some elderly people are left alone and they may feel lonely or depressed, so the house should be made livable. You can paint it with shades that reflect positivity and add more living corners or gardens for them to relax in.

Beautify and strengthen your garden at the same time with SHERA Floor Plank.

Even a small space can also be beautified with a vertical garden.
Just adjust it here and there and you can promote a better life quality for the elderly in the house.

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