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"SHERA Shine Light," an Innovation with Even Better Properties

A beautiful, durable and low-maintenance house is happiness to house lovers. That is why we SHERA continue to develop our products and have come up with "SHERA Shine Light" which is the latest innovation

1. Colour Lasts Longer: Already painted from the factory, SHERA Shine Light is also coated thickly with Crystal Coating technology, making the colour last long unlike other types of wood of which the colour can become pale or peel off easily after having been used for a while.
2. Self-cleanable: SHERA Shine Light comes with Self-cleaning Technology that helps you save time and energy for maintenance as it does not hold dust and so can remain beautiful and clean longer.
3. Shinier Than Your Neighbour: With Nano Pigment Technology, SHERA Shine Light is distinctively shiny which makes your house more noticeable than others.
4. Durable in All Conditions: SHERA Shine Light is made from world-class fibre cement with Hatscheck and Autoclave Technologies for the best quality. This is why SHERA Shine Light is strong and durable against all weather conditions without bending or decaying unlike actual wood. It is also resistant to termites so you can rest assured that it can last longer even for exterior purposes.
5. Suitable for All Kinds of Usage: SHERA Shine Light is available in many styles and colours for different parts of the house such as planks, fences and strip boards. SHERA Shine Light can then be used with any kinds of houses unlimitedly.
If you are interested in using SHERA Shine Light to beautify your houses, click the link below to view our catalogue.
You can also find SHERA Shine Light at any retailers throughout the country. For more information, contact SHERA Call Center Tel. +66 2 289 9888
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