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The Pros And Cons of Single-storeyed Houses

A single-storeyed house is a popular alternative for modern families because many people these days tend to separate themselves from their extended family to build a single family in a new house. Since there are not many members in a single family, a single-storeyed house perfectly meets the requirement of some people.

Today, we SHERA will talk about the pros and cons of a single-storeyed house to help you decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

A Thai style single-storeyed house made from SHERA Wood

The Pros of a Single-storyed House

1. Lower Cost: Compared to a two-storeyed house with the same amount of space, a single-storeyed house requires lower cost for construction because of its less complicated and cheaper structure.

2. Low Maintenance:
A single-storeyed house is easier to clean and maintain, especially when it comes to exterior maintenance such as painting and roof fixing as you do not have to climb to higher floors, safer and more convenient.

3. Easy for Furniture Moving:
Since there is only one floor, there is no need to move the furniture up and down which can be exhausting. A woman can totally move the furniture alone easily in a single-storeyed house. Plus, the furniture is less likely to be damaged while being moved within the same floor.

4. Suitable for Elderly People:
Every room and appliance is all in one floor, so elderly people can live in the house conveniently without risking having accidents from walking up and down the stairs.

5. Stronger Water Pressure:
A single-storeyed house rarely has weak water pressure. Yet, a house with two floors or over is more likely to have a weak water pressure on upper floors, which requires the owner to install a high-pressured water pump to solve the problem.

6. Easier for Decoration/Extension:
It is easier to decorate or extend a single-storeyed house since its structure is less complex than that of a house with more than one floor. This also means lower cost for decoration or extension.

A single-storeyed house from Chao Fah Garden (using Ha Huang Granada Roof Tile)

The Cons of a Single-storyed House

1. Heat:
Because every room on the same floor shares the same ceiling, the heat from outside can pass through the roof and heat up the house. The roof then should be the type that releases heat very well and heat insulation should be installed on top of the ceiling.

2. Privacy: Since every room is on the same floor; for example, a bedroom can be connected to a living room, it is easy to walk between the two rooms, giving you less privacy. Plus, you can be easily disturbed by noises and smells from other rooms while sleeping.

3. Flooding: When there is a flood, almost everything in the house can get damaged easily since there is no other floor to move it to. So, if you live in an area prone to flooding, your house should be raised above the ground higher than the water level when there is a flood.

A single-storeyed house, safer and more private with SHERA Fence

If you are interested in building a house with SHERA products which are available in various kinds for a whole house construction, and will help make the construction smooth and easy, feel free to visit our catalogue here:
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