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4 Ways to Make Your House Uniquely Modern

Wood and wood substitute are classic materials that have often been used to decorate houses for ages. But houses that are decorated with these materials do not always have to look vintage or traditional. Just decorate your house by following these ways and you will have a perfect combination between wood and trendy decoration.

1. Mix & Match It with Loft or Modern Style:
Wood and wood substitute can soften the mood of loft and modern styles, and make the atmosphere warm and livable. You may use wood and wood substitute to decorate part of the house such as the ceilings or the floor, or select the type of furniture this is made of wood and wood substitute.
2. Use Pale Tone of Colours:
Combining wood or wood substitute with pale tone of colours or white can soften the atmosphere and make it relaxing with warmth. This way of decoration is now trendy especially for villas, coffee shops, or cozy-style restaurants.
3. Add Lines:
Using stripwood can create different types of lines which give uniqueness and dimensions to your house, making it interesting. Stripwood can also make the house look softer and more modern than a large wooden or wood substitute board.

4. Simple Pattern and Texture:
Wood and wood substitute with a simple pattern such as SHERA Splendid Plank can make your house look more modern than those with a distinctive and large pattern. These materials also match many more styles of house.

SHERA Splendid Plank, Cassia, Wichitnonsi Series

The pattern of SHERA Splendid Plank and that of SHERA Plank
Just follow the tips above and your house will look spectacular and trendy with wood or wood substitute.
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