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6 Innovations from SHERA that Helps Save Your Time

No more difficulty in building and decorating a house because these 6 innovative products are designed by SHERA to facilitate the installation process and make the work more spectacular.

1. SHERA Eaves Pro: This product is ready to be installed right away within one step because it is coloured from the factory, unlike normal eaves that usually take up to 4 steps to install. SHERA Eaves Pro is also light, which makes it easy to carry, but durable against sunlight and rain without bending or swelling.

SHERA Eaves Pro

A comparison of the installation process between normal eaves and SHERA Eaves Pro

2. SHERA Color Through: This readymade floor plank is produced using Color Through Technology which paints it thoroughly both inside and outside. So, even if you cut, pierce, or use it so heavily, there will be no visible scratches and the colour will not peel off. SHERA Color Through is also easy to install as you do not have to spend time painting it by yourself which might not turn out to be so beautiful.

SHERA Color Through

3. Fibre Cement Glue: SHERA Bond and SHERA Fix can make your floor plank installation easier and smoother without revealing screw marks. They can also adhere the materials together tightly. For installation on a wooden or metal profile, "SHERA Bond" is recommended, and for that on concrete, "SHERA Fix" is best.
You should also screw both ends of the floor plank so that it will not spring or bounce while you wait for the glue to be dry.

SHERA Floor Plank installed with SHERA Fix

4. SHERA Door Frame: This is a high-quality Fibre Cement, which comes with Knock Down System, allowing for perfectly perpendicular angels and so saving a lot of time and energy. SHERA Door Frame can be used for both interior and exterior purposes because it is durable against sunlight and rain without swelling, bending, or decaying.

SHERA Door Frame

5. SHERA Zedar Shake: Not only is it naturally beautiful as if it was actual cedar roof, SHERA Zedar Shake also comes with Inter-lock System that facilitates the installation process and prevents leakage without roof sarking. Plus, the Colour Through Technology also makes the material beautiful both inside and outside and long-lasting.

6. SHERA Deco Board: You can install SHERA Deco Board on a wall profile and paint it, and your wall will be uniquely beautiful without wasting too much of your time. There are 10 patterns of SHERA Deco Board which can surely match any styles of house.

Other than the 6 innovative products mentioned above, SHERA also have more products that can facilitate your house building and decoration. Find more SHERA products at any retailers near your house, or find more information about them at SHERA Call Center Tel: +66 2 289 9888.
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