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Various Ways to Decorate Your House with Strip Wood

Strip wood is extremely popular because it can make a house airy and well-ventilated, and can also be modified in many ways for different parts of the house. We SHERA team have brought you trendy ways to use strip wood. Let's check it out.
1. Strip wood Blinds: Whether installed inside or outside of the house, strip wood can filter sunlight, allowing only some of it to pass through so that the house doesn't look confined. At the same time, it can prevent people outside from seeing through the house, giving you more privacy.
2. Ceiling: A strip wood ceiling can reflect warmth better than a normal ceiling, and it can also be installed in several different ways depending on the design such as switching colors of the boards, or leaving some gaps between the boards.
3. Walls: Decorating the inside or outside of your house with strip wood will make your house look distinctively unique and bring you closer to the sense of nature. Strip wood walls are suitable for natural-style, resort-style houses and modern-style houses which can utilize the pattern of strip wood to soften the atmosphere.
4. Fence: A strip wood fence makes the house airier and better-ventilated than a cement or opaque fence, while still giving you privacy. Besides, a strip wood fence can be installed along with other materials such as iron and strip wood fence, which is unique.
5. Gazebo: Decorating a gazebo in the garden or patio with strip wood can create a relaxing atmosphere, bringing nature closer, and also filter sunlight. Strip wood can also be used as a platform for hanging plants or climbers, refreshing the atmosphere. Plus, if you want your gazebo to be impermeable to rain and resistant to sunlight, you can cover the top with translucent polycarbonate material.
Find SHERA Strip which is durable against weather conditions at any retailers near where you live, or in our catalogue at: http://www.sherasolution.com/uploads/download/45/shera-wood-en.pdf

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