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5 Trendy Materials for House Decorations

Time changes and so does house decorating trends. Let's be up to date and see what kinds of materials are trendy in the middle of 2017 and worth using for decoration.

1. Cement: Loft-style decoration focuses on revealing the beauty of bare textures and they have been trendy for a long time. Thanks to the more advanced technology nowadays, decorating cement walls has become easier. Experts are no longer needed for the plastering and polishing since cement colour was invented, allowing bare cement wall to be made easily. SHERA Board, for example, can also be painted to form a beautiful loft-style wall.

Fibre-cement SHERA Board repainted to imitate a bare cement wall

2. Brick: Not only bare cement, bare brick walls revealing brick lines are also popular for loft style houses because of the rough and unique looking texture and inexpensive price.

But it is not that easy to cover the wall with bricks as they are heavy and it would be dangerous if the structure of the house is not strong enough to bear the weight. Instead, you may use different kinds of material such as SHERA Ceiling Skirt such as one shown in the picture below which was repainted to imitate real brick walls, but it is actually lighter and much easier to install.

Unit 33 Project, Phuket, using SHERA Ceiling Skirt to create brick-like walls

3. Large Tiles: These days, most people prefer to lay the floors in their houses with large tiles of 60 x 60 and above instead of small ones. This is because they look simple but more luxurious with fewer joints, easy to clean.

4. Natural Stones: Because natural-style decoration is trendy, natural stones are popular. Different stones have different colours and patterns, reflecting different moods. For example, granite reflects stability and stylishness, while marble gives a sense of luxuriousness.

5. Wood: Wood and wood substitute such as SHERA Wood have always been popular for ages. Not only do the colour and pattern bring you closer to nature, but wood and wood substitute can also be mixed and matched with other types of materials in many different styles. Especially, house decoration with strip board is now extremely popular because its pattern adds more dimensions to the house. Strip board can even be modified to form a sunlight filter which gives more privacy but does not make the house look too confined.

SHERA Floor Plank, Color Through


So what do you think about these 5 trendy materials for house decoration? Do you like any of them? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.
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