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4 Tips For Building a Low-cost House

Despite the limited budget, you can still build a beautiful and durable house easily if you follow these steps.

1. Careful Planning: You should plan your budget carefully and make sure that it will be maximized cost-effectively. What you have to consider when planning are as follows:

- Expense: Know your budget and how much it can be spent for different things. Also, calculate all the expense in advance including that for the design, the material, and the contractor by surveying the market price or consulting with an expert so that the calculation is accurate.

- The plan: In the plan, you should clarify your requirement as to how you would like your house to be from the first to the last step as much as possible. The clearer and detailed your plan is, the closer to what you want the architect can design, whether it be style, function, and budget. The plan should be completed before the construction begins, and you should not change your plan unnecessarily during the construction or it can cause your expense to increase.

2. Select Cost-effective Materials: When selecting a material, consider its quality, function and price. If the price exceeds your budget, you may have to buy a similar but cheaper material. For example, you may use SHERA Wood instead of actual wood because the former is cheaper but more durable against weather conditions without bending or swelling. SHERA Wood also looks almost the same as real wood but resistant to termites.

A house built from "SHERA Plank"

Decorate your house with "SHERA Floor Plank" and "SHERA Deco Board"

3. Don't be "Penny wise and Pound Foolish": With a limited budget, many may decide to buy cheap materials thinking that they can save money. But that is not always true. In fact, many cheap materials can be low-quality and under the standard, meaning that they wear out too easily and fast and so cause you to have to fix or replace them. Hiring a cheap contractor without checking their background before may also get you an unqualified contractor who is irresponsible to the job and wastes your money.

4. Do It Yourself: You can save money by making or doing some things by yourself. But you need to make sure that it is a doable job such as painting, decorating and gardening, not something that is related to the main structure of the house or requires expertise.

Just adopt the 4 tips mentioned above when building a house and you will be able to save a lot of money. For those who want more advice about building a house with SHERA products, contact us at SHERA Call Center Tel. +662-291-2888.
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